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Road From Ruinnew

A resurrected James explores the paths not taken.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Tom Lanham  |  10-04-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews

Fred for Your Ass: James Brown's Trombonistnew

An interview with Fred Wesley.
Style Weekly  |  Craig Belcher  |  12-06-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

'The Bourne Ultimatum': Dirty Secretsnew

It is gratifying that the zenith of a summer movie season otherwise headlined by shape-shifting robots and an aging '80s action icon comes in the form of throwback to the espionage thrillers of the 1970s updated as compelling, exhilarating zeitgeist.
INDY Week  |  Neil Morris  |  08-05-2007  |  Reviews

Teddy Baernew

With the hit movie Cinderella Man being released on video, Max Baer Jr. is objecting to its portrayal of his father, boxer Max Baer, as a brute.
Reno News & Review  |  Dennis Myers  |  12-20-2005  |  Movies

Fine Linenew

The tortured and demonic part of Johnny Cash that stoked his genius often gets lost in the platitudes, the rough edges airbrushed by sentimentality. But not in James Mangold’s movie bio of the Man in Black.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Keough  |  11-18-2005  |  Reviews

Punk Rock Prosenew

Punk rock, mental breakdowns, bucketloads of beer -- Jimmy Reject has figured out that it's one thing being a punk rocker, and it's another being on the outside of the world looking in.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  08-25-2005  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Oil Apocalypsenew

Two books on the crisis in oil production aren't what you'd call light summer reading. Still, the warning they carry is at least as important as any reminder about sunscreen.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Kel Munger  |  06-22-2005  |  Nonfiction

Holy Steamrollersnew

The religious right attempts a coup against the federal judiciary. Will it succeed -- or prompt a backlash?
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  04-28-2005  |  Politics

David Boyle Gets Cattynew

An amateur rap recording takes the Bush administration to task.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  10-22-2004  |  Politics

Worst Campaign Journalists Advance in Round 2 of Wimblehacknew

There is something negative going on when a paper like The New York Times runs the same campaign article hundreds of times, quoting the same 30 or so campaign characters, with only the dateline and the crowd photo changing. Second part of series.
New York Press  |  Matt Taibbi  |  10-13-2004  |  Media

John Ferguson: 1951-2004new

A very personal tribute to an exceptional comrade and influential alternative journalist.
Boston Phoenix  |  Clif Garboden  |  09-21-2004  |  Media

True Korthnew

Heimo Korth is the subject of author James Campbell’s book debut, a Krakauer-meets-McPhee-style portrait of family life in the bush -- a sort of Daniel Boone for the modern reader.
Missoula Independent  |  Azita Osanloo  |  08-26-2004  |  Nonfiction

Spider-Man Casts His World-Wide Webnew

Even superheroes have to do their own laundry in Sam Raimi's truly spectacular vision that combines human pathos and breathtaking action.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marc Savlov  |  07-02-2004  |  Reviews

Notebook Needs Another Draftnew

The love sap flows freely in this movie romance told in retrospect.
Austin Chronicle  |  Kimberley Jones  |  06-24-2004  |  Reviews

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