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'Law Abiding Citizen' Wants to Have its Gore and Condemn it Toonew

Somewhere in here is a call to reform for a flawed system where innocence is undermined by bureaucracy. But it's hard to hear that message with all the explosions and brooding. Say what you will about Saw -- at least it doesn't preach pacifism as its characters are eviscerated.
Willamette Week  |  Ap Kryza  |  10-14-2009  |  Reviews

In 'The Ugly Truth,' Even the Vibrating Underpants Are on Autopilotnew

In this formulaic battle of the sexes, no one will be mistaking Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler for Hepburn and Tracy.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marjorie Baumgarten  |  07-23-2009  |  Reviews

'Nim's Island' Satisfies with Both Parents and Tweensnew

The nice thing about this likable fantasy adventure is that it satisfies Swiss Family Robinson fantasies and intuitively caters to our deep-seated need for our favorite communication devices.
The Georgia Straight  |  Patty Jones  |  04-14-2008  |  Reviews

Phantom Menacenew

Joel Schumacher's version of a theater classic gets a tragic ending of its own.
Cleveland Scene  |  Bill Gallo  |  12-29-2004  |  Reviews

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