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Who Killed the Romantic Comedy?new

Rom-coms used to be a cash cow — and wildly popular with audiences. What happened?
L.A. Weekly  |  Amy Nicholson  |  02-26-2014  |  Movies

Sumptuous Period Picture is the Best Romantic Comedy of the Seasonnew

The Young Victoria delivers something woefully few movies have lately: a believable and engrossing love story. It chronicles the early life of Queen Victoria (Emily Blunt) from her sheltered childhood to the early years of her reign, which began when she was 18.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Anna Ditkoff  |  12-29-2009  |  Reviews

'(500) Days of Summer' Is Just Too Fucking Cutenew

(500) Days of Summer has a few fantastic scenes, but mostly, it hovers nervously around the edges of a moment.
Eugene Weekly  |  Molly Templeton  |  09-11-2009  |  Reviews

'(500) Days of Summer' Ain't No Sunshinenew

Whatever became of the rom-com? Back in the early- to mid-90s, it was simple. Boy meets girl. Girl isn't interested. Boy chases girl until he catches her. Done and done.
Boise Weekly  |  Jeremiah Wierenga  |  08-12-2009  |  Reviews

750 Words About '(500) Days Of Summer'new

We adore Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Their new movie ... not so much
SEE Magazine  |  Luke De Smet and Clara Loginov  |  07-31-2009  |  Reviews

'(500) Days of Summer' Inspires the Inner Crotchety Old Mannew

The makers of the parenthetically titled movie at hand would do well to set aside the pop-culture bells and whistles that choke their film and focus on the task of engrossing an audience in a love story between two intelligent people in their late 20s.
Orlando Weekly  |  Justin Strout  |  07-30-2009  |  Reviews

'(500) Days of Summer': The Need to Pleasenew

(500) Days of Summer comments on and rejects romantic-comedy conventions -- well, some of them.
Tucson Weekly  |  James DiGiovanna  |  07-29-2009  |  Reviews

In 'The Ugly Truth,' Even the Vibrating Underpants Are on Autopilotnew

In this formulaic battle of the sexes, no one will be mistaking Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler for Hepburn and Tracy.
Austin Chronicle  |  Marjorie Baumgarten  |  07-23-2009  |  Reviews

'(500) Days of Summer': A Modern Romancenew

This romantic comedy is a deeply funny, seductive, and surprisingly honest dramatization of the ways we snooker ourselves into incompatible love.
Austin Chronicle  |  Kimberley Jones  |  07-23-2009  |  Reviews

'(500) Days of Summer' Takes a Wise Look at Love Found, and Lost, and Found

No matter how goofy the film gets at individual moments, it becomes fairly irresistible for one simple reason. When it comes to understanding heartbreak and the role of different loves in our lives, it's almost painfully wise.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Scott Renshaw  |  07-21-2009  |  Reviews

'The Ugly Truth' is That an Uptight Heroine Doesn't Make a Romantic Comedy

There's something basically chilly about the way Katherine Heigl comes off in The Ugly Truth. A character like this needs to be more than a ball-buster who learns to soften up; her complexity needs to make sense from the outset.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Scott Renshaw  |  07-20-2009  |  Reviews

'The Proposal': Altar-ationsnew

The Proposal doesn't reinvent the romantic-comedy wheel, but Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds ensure that it's a likable cut above the usual fare.
Austin Chronicle  |  Kimberley Jones  |  06-19-2009  |  Reviews

'The Proposal' Manages to be Both Predictable & Unbelievable At the Same Timenew

This film, mechanically directed by Anne Fletcher (responsible for last year's worst movie, 27 Dresses), is the second Taming of the Shrew retread appearing this month, after My Life in Ruins, which, in comparison now looks tolerable.
INDY Week  |  Laura Boyes  |  06-18-2009  |  Reviews

'The Proposal' Shows That a Familiar Recipe Still Works With the Right Ingredients

Director Anne Fletcher's film is funnier and more charming than it seems to have any right to be.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Scott Renshaw  |  06-15-2009  |  Reviews

Bankers Are the Enemy in Two Subprime Filmsnew

Your neighborhood bank may have long lines, employ irksome tellers, and consistently screw up your balance. But at least it never tries to murder you, right?
Washington City Paper  |  Tricia Olszewski  |  02-12-2009  |  Reviews

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