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A shot in the dark: How Hazelwood ended up losing a government vaccine centernew

Hazelwood residents thought their neighborhood was about to change for the better. On July 1, however, Hazelwood learned that there would be no project. In a press release, UPMC stated that it was dropping the project because of "differences in strategy and government delays."
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Chris Young  |  08-01-2011  |  Science

Mother Blames Gardasil for Daughter's Deathnew

A healthy 19-year-old girl suddenly dies two weeks after a Gardasil vaccination. Researchers say its unrelated but the mother has many questions about the safety of the HPV vaccine.
Metro Spirit  |  Tom Grant  |  01-28-2008  |  Science

The Path to a Curenew

Researchers at the University of New Mexico are on the forefront of a vaccine that could end cervical cancer.
Weekly Alibi  |  Marisa Demarco  |  04-18-2006  |  Science

Fear Not: Vaccinations Don't Give Children Autismnew

A prominent neurologist presents both sides of the case that mercury-based vaccines have caused a surge in autism -- and points out the dangers of believing in this myth.
New Haven Advocate  |  Steven Novella, M.D.  |  08-23-2005  |  Science

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