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'The Runaways': Rock 'n' Roll Herstorynew

Floria Sigismondi has composed an artfully condensed cinematic snapshot that mercifully avoids most of the pitfalls of the celebrity biopic.
San Antonio Current  |  Sarah Fisch  |  04-07-2010  |  Reviews

Kristen Stewart Rocks Out in 'The Runaways'new

An uneven music bio is made compulsively watchable by Stewart's performance as someone who is rapidly figuring herself out musically and sexually.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Kristian Lin  |  03-19-2010  |  Reviews

The Runaways’ Cherie Currie Gave Up Rock ‘n’ Roll to Swing Around a Chainsawnew

Cherie Currie was just a Bowie-obsessed 15-year-old smoking a cigarette at the Sugar Shack, an under-21 club in North Hollywood, when she was spotted by producer Kim Fowley. A Svengali, visionary and predator, he was cruising the underage clubs.
New York Press  |  Sheila McClear  |  03-18-2010  |  Music

Hello Daddy, Hello Mom: Girl Rock Band Comes Alive, Again

Based on Cherrie Currie's poorly written memoir "Neon Angel: The Cherrie Currie Story," about her crash-and-burn experiences with producer Kim Fowley's manufactured all-girl rock band, "The Runaways" is a textbook guilty pleasure.
City Pulse  |  Hello Daddy, Hello Mom: Girl Rock Band Comes Alive, Again  |  03-15-2010  |  Reviews

Sundance Festival Goes Back to its Roots... Or Does It?new

This year, the movie that's attracted the scalping scene outside Eccles is The Runaways, a stylish biopic of the all-teen girl band of the same name. The film has been the subject of blog gossip, thanks to casting of Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett.
L.A. Weekly  |  Karina Longworth  |  02-05-2010  |  Movies

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