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Party Crashernew

A Clay County Republican running for Congress accuses fellow GOPers of bribing him to drop out of the race.
Folio Weekly  |  Susan Cooper Eastman  |  03-21-2012  |  Elections

The Return of South Carolina's Nativistsnew

Glenn McConnell introduced legislation calling for a U.S. Constitutional Convention to make illegal immigration even more illegal. He also submitted a bill that would make English the official language of South Carolina and require all state and civic publications be made manifest in English alone.
Charleston City Paper  |  D.A. Smith  |  01-16-2008  |  Commentary

Border Politicsnew

Members of Louisiana's congressional delegation are hitching their wagons to anti-immigration bills, many with an eye toward business and industry. The drivers, however, are probably more political than anything else.
Gambit  |  Jeremy Alford  |  12-19-2007  |  Politics

Why Immigration May Not Be Such a Big Issue After Allnew

If the national press is to be believed, the failed efforts of the Bush administration to achieve any sort of immigration reform have left this nation in the grip of an immigration dilemma of crisis proportions. Yet if a recent Albuquerque town hall is any indication, the much-ballyhooed crisis will eventually turn out to be the most oversold worry since the Y2K computer calendar sneeze.
Weekly Alibi  |  Jerry Ortiz y Pino  |  11-20-2007  |  Commentary

Liberal Candidate Does About-face on Illegal Immigrationnew

With a TV ad that began airing this week, David Briley has become the first mayoral candidate to play to the angry anti-immigration crowd in Nashville.
Nashville Scene  |  Jeff Woods  |  07-20-2007  |  Politics

(At) Largely Loquacious in Nashvillenew

One at-large Metro Council candidate hopes a wacky theory about the "illegal immigrant invasion" will get him elected.
Nashville Scene  |  P.J. Tobia  |  07-13-2007  |  Politics

When It Comes to Immigration, Fear Killsnew

We will never know how many have perished over the years beneath the waters of the Rio Grande, or the Florida Straits, for that matter -- but on the Texas border the situation has worsened as the U.S. cranks up the security.
The Texas Observer  |  Editorial  |  06-06-2007  |  Commentary

Keep the Cheap Labor Comin'!new

Anyone who supports a guest-worker program needs to look at the beneficiaries.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tom Danehy  |  05-31-2007  |  Commentary

Linking 'Free Trade' & Immigrationnew

While Democratic leaders and President Bush do the hard sell on bipartisan immigration reform, they are now pushing secret, anti-worker, anti-environment trade agreements that will only exacerbate U.S. immigration problems.
New York Press  |  Amy Goodman  |  05-31-2007  |  Commentary

The Immigration Bill's a Bloody Mishmashnew

The failure of both political parties to deal honestly with immigration over the last two years has now materialized in front of us as the stinking mess presented publicly by senators Kennedy and Kyl (with an assist from the White House).
L.A. Weekly  |  Marc Cooper  |  05-25-2007  |  Commentary

Immigration Folliesnew

How can compromise lead to a bill that everyone dislikes?
Tucson Weekly  |  Tom Danehy  |  05-24-2007  |  Commentary

A Laborious Argumentnew

If you're a true, thinking liberal, you should oppose a guest-worker program.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tom Danehy  |  01-24-2007  |  Commentary

Mirror, Mirrornew

Some express terror that lax immigration polices will undermine the American economy and cause a country that exports unequal trade treaties, carbon pollution, McDonald's and cluster bombs to the Third World to become a Third World country itself.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Peter Byrne  |  10-09-2006  |  Commentary

Difficulty Hearingnew

Republican-led immigration hearings strive to dictate, not listen.
L.A. Alternative  |  Evan George  |  08-22-2006  |  Politics

Ignoring Our Rootsnew

Regarding immigration, our collective memory needs substantial improvement.
Tucson Weekly  |  Connie Tuttle  |  05-24-2006  |  Commentary

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