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Why Aren't Programs That Help Victims of Family Violence Better funded?new

On Chicago's south side, programs like Safe Start are among the most promising tools for disrupting a vicious cycle. But the money that would allow the program to thrive hasn't materialized.
Chicago Reader  |  Steve Bogira  |  10-24-2014  |  Education

Jason Molina's Long Dark Bluesnew

The Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. front man produced a prodigious catalog of stark and heartbreaking music. Then he disappeared.
Chicago Reader  |  Max Blau  |  10-03-2014  |  Features

The Trials of a Neighborhood High Schoolnew

Wells Community Academy in Chicago has disadvantaged students, many unhelpful parents, a bad reputation, charters nibbling at its enrollment—and some rare successes. Can it survive?
Chicago Reader  |  Steve Bogira  |  05-06-2014  |  Race & Class

Heroin, LLCnew

The open-air drug market on the west side thrives in the same way that legal businesses do—by meeting demand, capitalizing on a cheap and plentiful workforce, and offering excellent customer service.
Chicago Reader  |  Mick Dumke  |  12-05-2013  |  Features

"There was no possibility in their mind that I didn't do it"new

Andre Davis was sentenced to 80 years for an unforgivable crime—a crime he swore he didn't commit. Two decades later, someone finally started taking his innocence claims seriously.
Chicago Reader  |  Jordan Michael Smith  |  08-30-2013  |  Crime & Justice

Addicted to Gunsnew

Is there a cure for Chicago's crippling dependence on firearms?
Chicago Reader  |  Mick Dumke  |  05-14-2013  |  Features

A Hangover Cure—at a Costnew

Two Chicago Reader staffers intentionally drink too much, purposefully get hungover, and determine whether Chicago's first hangover clinic is really all that.
Chicago Reader  |  Gwynedd Stuart and Mara Shalhoup  |  03-14-2013  |  Health

Anatomy of a Heroin Ringnew

Dana Bostic's gang-affiliated Chicago drug organization employed dozens of residents, served thousands of customers, established ties with Mexican drug cartels, and relied on violence to stay in business.
Chicago Reader  |  Mick Dumke  |  02-15-2013  |  Features

A Community Meets to Save Hyperlocal Digital Journalismnew

Mike Fourcher is a new-media trailblazer in Chicago still looking for a formula for success.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  02-04-2013  |  Media

When death row and dog cages are a step up in the worldnew

Prisoners who have left Tamms, the recently closed Illinois supermax, are experiencing unfamiliar luxuries in their new prison--such as seeing the person they're talking with.
Chicago Reader  |  Steve Bogira  |  01-31-2013  |  Crime & Justice

The Summarized Web and Younew

Pressured by consumers' near-infinite selection of news to read, newspapers and other media companies need to consider summaries as the best way to earn clicks.
Chicago Reader  |  Asher Klein  |  11-26-2012  |  Media

Two Students, Two High Schools, Two Divergent Paths to Collegenew

Jasmeen Wellere grew up on Chicago's south side, Hayley Himmelman on the North Shore. Both flourished in their classes, but they've faced very different challenges—and been afforded very different opportunities
Chicago Reader  |  Steve Bogira  |  10-18-2012  |  Education

Wanted: Bitchy Commentary Befitting a Brutal Electionnew

Why are so many op-ed columnists off point? Because they're answering the wrong questions.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  09-06-2012  |  Media

Concentrated Poverty and Homicide in Chicagonew

Segregation's lethal legacy marches on.
Chicago Reader  |  Steve Bogira  |  07-27-2012  |  Crime & Justice

Student Loans Tying You Down?new

Don't look for help from Congress's latest fix.
Chicago Reader  |  Deanna Isaacs  |  07-03-2012  |  Education

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