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HIV's New Normalnew

Christina Rock was born with the dreaded virus. Now she's a mother of two starting the holy grail of drug regimes.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  05-30-2013  |  Health

Why We Can't Leave the '90snew

Nostalgia is predictable, safe, and increasingly regressive. Soundgarden, thankfully, is not.
Seattle Weekly  |  Maura Johnston  |  02-06-2013  |  Music

The New Cold Warnew

On the front lines of the costly fight for America's high-tech future.
Seattle Weekly  |  Caleb Hannan  |  11-09-2012  |  Tech

Mitt to Shitnew

If Romney wins, expect more lies and misdeeds from both parties in 2016.
Seattle Weekly  |  Ron Reagan  |  11-01-2012  |  Commentary

The Next PTSD Crisisnew

Can the Armed Forces afford to accurately diagnose soldiers--and their families--with psychological issues stemming from war?
Seattle Weekly  |  Keegan Hamilton  |  08-08-2012  |  Health

What Is 'Artisanal' Anymore?new

Are fiscally ambitious heartlanders running afoul of food's haughtiest label?
Seattle Weekly  |  Hanna Raskin  |  06-29-2012  |  Food+Drink

Tales from the Housing Bustnew

When people walk away from an underwater mortgage, they don't always walk away.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  05-09-2012  |  Features

Jared Hagemann's Hellnew

One soldier's death, and what it says about the problems facing returning veterans.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  11-11-2011  |  War

Pete Dexter Lets It Bleednew

Hard at work on his eighth novel, the Deadwood author still packs a punch.
Seattle Weekly  |  Ellis E. Conklin  |  10-27-2011  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

The Evolution of John McKaynew

How a Republican aristocrat turned into a marijuana activist.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  09-29-2011  |  Drugs

Washington's Screwed-Up Sex-Offender Registrynew

How leaving cops to sort out who's dangerous can change lives in an instant.
Seattle Weekly  |  Jonathan Kaminsky  |  09-07-2011  |  Crime & Justice

Porn, Piracy, & BitTorrentnew

As the film industry mounts a sketchy legal strategy in response to illegal downloads, many innocent internet surfers are serving as legal cannon fodder while moviemakers and their lawyers line their pockets with plunder.
Seattle Weekly  |  Keegan Hamilton  |  08-16-2011  |  Tech

Prince is Untouchablenew

There’s taking things to the next level, and then there’s Prince.
Seattle Weekly  |  Duff McKagan  |  06-13-2011  |  Reviews

Hustle & Woenew

Aspiring rap mogul Shyan Selah stands accused of fleecing Jimi Hendrix's best friend and his associates.
Seattle Weekly  |  Keegan Hamilton  |  05-09-2011  |  Crime & Justice

America's Most Dangerous Publishernew

For Adam Parfrey, publishing the Unabomber's book is all in a day's work.
Seattle Weekly  |  Ellis E. Conklin  |  11-29-2010  |  Books

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