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SF Weekly Comics Issuenew

A whole issue done in a comic style -- from the letters page to the feature to reviews.
SF Weekly  |  SF Weekly  |  06-11-2014  |  Cartoons

Loose Lips Sink Shipsnew

Beneath the surface of Hornblower Cruises, allegations of racism and intimidation threaten its public image.
SF Weekly  |  Andrew Scot Bolsinger  |  05-15-2014  |  Race & Class

Covering Their Tracksnew

San Francisco's Central Subway project buries millions of dollars in a deep dark place.
SF Weekly  |  Joe Eskenazi  |  04-02-2014  |  Transportation

San Francisco Chronicle Totally Gives Up on Journalismnew

Executives at Hearst Corporation have confirmed that, by appointing the former Chief Revenue Officer of to be President of the San Francisco Chronicle, they are saying "screw it" to journalism.
SF Weekly  |  Benjamin Wachs  |  01-13-2014  |  Media

Subterranean Rush Hour Blues: Behind the Soundtrack to Your Commutenew

A profile piece on the street musicians San Francisco commuters pass everyday.
SF Weekly  |  Joe Eskenazi, Kate Conger and Rachel Swan  |  12-19-2013  |  Culture

The Man Who Returnednew

After 20 years of wrongful imprisonment, a man learns how to adjust to life outside of prison -- the highs, the lows, and recognizing all the time he lost.
SF Weekly  |  James Robinson  |  10-17-2013  |  Civil Liberties

Only One America's Cup Winner, But Many Losersnew

San Francisco poured millions into the event in hopes of catching crumbs off the table of a megalomaniacal billionaire. New Zealand, meanwhile, directly subsidized its yachting team with government funds, buying something akin to partial ownership of the product. These were calculated risks. Neither may pay off.
SF Weekly  |  Joe Eskenazi  |  09-25-2013  |  Sports

Marijuana Makes the Leap to Big Businessnew

Now that marijuana is making the leap from social taboo to business opportunity, California needs to decide if it wants to get in the game or just get in the way.
SF Weekly  |  Chris Roberts  |  09-18-2013  |  Drugs

Punishment by Designnew

Solitary confinement illustrates the power of architecture over the human mind.
SF Weekly  |  Rachel Swan  |  08-21-2013  |  Crime & Justice

The Pilgrimage Issue: True Tales from the Roadnew

We could have called this "The Travel Issue," but mere travel is not what we were after. We wanted to go beyond the two-dimensional, picture-postcard experience of tourism to something deeper — a voyage out in space and back in time. A place where origins and destinations meet.
SF Weekly  |  SF Weekly Staff  |  08-02-2013  |  Travel

Dude, Who Owns My Car?: Car Thieves Are Mysterious Beastsnew

While many stolen cars end up in chop shops, there is another grouping that become thieves personal cars -- sometimes they take better care of the cars than the owners they stolen them from.
SF Weekly  |  Rigoberto Hernandez  |  07-18-2013  |  Crime & Justice

This American Life Tells Podcaster: No Whores Allowednew

Late last year, sex worker and activist Siouxsie Q began producing a podcast in the living room of her apartment called This American Whore. This January, she started to get e-mails from lawyers representing Chicago Public Media and Ira Glass, demanding that she change the name of her podcast or face legal action.
SF Weekly  |  Chris Hall  |  02-06-2013  |  Media

The Immortalization of an Anonymous Deathnew

On Dylan Yount, a man who jumped from a San Francisco building, and the people who watched, recorded and, in some cases, encouraged his suicide.
SF Weekly  |  Albert Samaha  |  01-04-2013  |  Features

Top 5 Ways Bleacher Report Rules the World!new

Unpaid writers churn out terrible articles and the owners get a $200 million payday. It's a web success story.
SF Weekly  |  Joe Eskenazi  |  10-05-2012  |  Media

America's Petro-Terroristsnew

Wall Street and Washington conspire to destabilize the U.S. economy, one barrel of oil at a time.
SF Weekly  |  Pete Kotz  |  07-10-2012  |  Energy

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