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Justice, Hope and Hurricane Katrinanew

Re-housing residents along the Mississippi coast became the most daunting problem of the post-Katrina recovery—logistically and politically speaking.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  09-11-2015  |  Housing & Development

The Katrina Education Lienew

Among the many reflections on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast, the discussion of its effects on schools in New Orleans may be the most disingenuous.
Jackson Free Press  |  Shannon Eubanks  |  09-11-2015  |  Disasters

Pre-K Collaboratives Helping 4-Year-Oldsnew

Most 4-year-olds are learning more basic skills before entering kindergarten due to Early Learning Collaboratives, the Mississippi Department of Education is reporting.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  08-14-2015  |  Education

The Unbearable Heaviness of Adulthoodnew

According to The Sentencing Project, black youth are twice as likely to be arrested than white youth, something that affected me even as a minor, and though 58 percent of black youth are sent to adult prisons, it's scary to think that being sentenced to a juvenile detention center is no longer an option for me.
Jackson Free Press  |  Adria Walker  |  08-07-2015  |  Civil Liberties

Trail of Tears: The Burial of Rexdale Henrynew

Rexdale Wayne Henry was buried in the Bogue Chitto community near Philadelphia, Miss., on July 28, leaving a cloud of uncertainty over how he died. Police aren’t helping clear up that confusion by not releasing a cause of death.
Jackson Free Press  |  Zachary Oren Smith and Imani Khayyam  |  08-07-2015  |  Civil Liberties

A Pink Keychain of Macenew

One thing everyone told me before I left for college is to always protect myself. Be aware of my surroundings, travel in packs, walk only in well-lit areas—the same diatribe heard for generations.
Jackson Free Press  |  Maya Miller  |  08-07-2015  |  Crime & Justice

Family Spokesman: Rexdale Henry's Fines Shouldn't Have Led to Deathnew

John Steele, a spokesman for the family of Rexdale Henry, who was found dead inside the Neshoba County Jail on July 14, said the family is awaiting the results of two autopsies to know more about how the 53-year-old Choctaw man died.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  07-30-2015  |  Crime & Justice

‘Hand-in-hand’: Poverty + Education Keep State in Last Placenew

Dr. Margaret Hagerman, a sociology professor at Mississippi State University, has researched how children perceive and understand wealth and inequality, and the results are insightful. The largest outcome of her study? Kids are aware that race, class and inequality exist.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  07-30-2015  |  Poverty

Overdue Foster Care Reform Coming Soonnew

Gov. Phil Bryant has started advocating for a Children’s Cabinet to help run the state’s foster-care system since his administration was forced to act on a seven-year lawsuit.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  07-30-2015  |  Children & Families

Full-Court Press for Mississippi Third Graders in Summer School Has Disappointing Resultsnew

Ever since Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed legislation two years ago declaring that third-graders could not be promoted without passing a test to prove they are adequate readers, parents, educators and advocates have debated the appropriateness of high stakes testing for eight and nine-year-olds.
Jackson Free Press  |  Nick Chiles and The Hechinger Report  |  07-30-2015  |  Education

About Those Racist Friendsnew

You can't help but notice the unbelievably high number of comments on social media concerning the issue of what we should do about our "friends" who are racists.
Jackson Free Press  |  Deirdre Jackson  |  07-30-2015  |  Race & Class

Rankin Schools Paying for Religion Violationnew

Magdalene Bedi, a junior at Northwest Rankin High School in 2013, didn't subscribe to an institutional religion, but considered herself spiritual—and not an atheist.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  07-24-2015  |  Education

The Walls Come Tumbling Downnew

When marriage equality became the law of the land the morning of June 26, I kissed my husband and went right back to work.
Jackson Free Press  |  Eddie Outlaw  |  07-24-2015  |  LGBT

‘A Violent Takedown’ in Stonewall,

One week after the death of Jonathan Sanders, a black man killed after a white police officer stopped him in the east Mississippi town of Stonewall, a clearer picture of tensions between local law enforcement agencies and the African American community is starting to emerge.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L Nave and Zachary Oren Smith  |  07-23-2015  |  Race & Class

Mississippi’s Only Aborton Clinic Safe for Nownew

Mississippi’s only abortion clinic, the Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization, has again staved off closure, but the U.S. Supreme Court could soon decide its fate.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  07-10-2015  |  The War on Women

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