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The Sadist in the Skynew

Meteorologist Dave Neal and the mysterious science of killer storms.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Matt Hooper  |  06-13-2011  |  Science

Afghanistan War Promises Victory So Glorious We Never Shall Winnew

The old joke says that since 2003, U.S. soldiers have been between Iraq and a hard place. With a sanctioned Iraqi withdrawal underway at last, our troops are now in the hard place. It's no joke.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Courtney Haden  |  09-24-2009  |  Commentary

So What Would Jesus Do About Health Care Reform?new

Think Barack Obama's a socialist? He's practically Calvin Coolidge if you compare his ideas on health care to those of Jesus.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Courtney Haden  |  09-08-2009  |  Commentary

Richard Scrushy Now Broke and Bustednew

At the end of one of the few remaining court battles in the HealthSouth saga, a Jefferson County circuit court judge saw what 12 jurors in criminal court did not - he found the former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy guilty and liable for the massive accounting fraud at the company.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Kyle Whitmire  |  06-23-2009  |  Business & Labor

Birmingham's Outdoor Dining Scenenew

While chandeliers and decorated walls are nice, nothing beats the twinkle of a cityscape as the backdrop for an impeccable dinner. Luckily, there are plenty of places to dine al fresco in Birmingham.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Molly Folse  |  06-23-2009  |  Food+Drink

NCAA Puts Alabama Football Back on Probationnew

The NCAA has levied a three-year probation against the University of Alabama athletic department and forced the school's football team to vacate 21 past victories as punishment for a wide-scale scandal involving student-athletes and textbooks.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Matt Hooper  |  06-23-2009  |  Sports

Historic Birmingham Theater on List of 'Places in Peril'new

Birmingham's oldest surviving theatre, the Lyric, has been added to a new list of the ten most endangered historic sites in the state of Alabama.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Jesse Chambers  |  06-02-2009  |  Housing & Development

Alabama Baseball and a Long Night's Journey into Daynew

Two sports reporters' heroic efforts to liveblog the eleven-inning Alabama/South Carolina baseball game during the SEC Tournament, featuring references and metaphors ranging from Aqua Teen Hunger Force to the works of Joseph Conrad.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Matt Hooper  |  06-02-2009  |  Sports

Birminghamians Embark on the BABE Rallynew

Imagine for a moment that you have the chance to participate in a real-life version of Cannonball Run, traveling across the country with friends in a race across America's highways. Now take away the beautiful cars, and replace them with vehicles that must have been purchased for under $500. Still sound like fun?
Birmingham Weekly  |  Kenn McCracken  |  06-02-2009  |  Recreation

VIDEO: Looking for Larry Langfordnew

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford testified under oath that he intended to move to the City of Birmingham. But has Langford moved, even a year and a half later? Birmingham Weekly made five trips in five weeks to his Fairfield home to see if Langford was still living there. Can you guess what we found?
Birmingham Weekly  |  Kyle Whitmire  |  05-05-2009  |  Politics

Alabama Novelist Visits the 'Devil's Garden'new

Ace Atkins found a compelling subject for his new fact-based novel, Devil's Garden, in the murder trial of silent film comic Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in 1921.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Jesse Chambers  |  05-05-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

How Bad Was that Lane Kiffin Hire?new

Fans across the country are still scratching their heads as to why the University of Tennessee hired Lane Kiffin to replace the legendary Phil Fulmer as head football coach. But is he the worst hire in the modern era of the Southeastern Conference? Let's break it down and find out.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Matt Hooper  |  05-05-2009  |  Sports

Birmingham's Oldest All-Ages Venue Gets Shuttered for Goodnew

Cave9, Birmingham's longest-running and most misunderstood all-ages music venue closed without fanfare. Death came in its typical way — with no warning and no chance to say goodbye.
Birmingham Weekly  |  David Hickox  |  04-14-2009  |  Music

Anthony Grant Tapped as Bama's New Basketball Coachnew

Anthony Grant, a 42-year-old coaching prodigy, was officially introduced last Sunday as the the University of Alabama's new men's basketball coach, replacing the terminated Mark Gottfried and interim coach Phillip Pearson.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Matt Hooper  |  04-14-2009  |  Sports

Birmingham Ex-Mayor Generates Comeback Buzznew

The old mayor with some old political allies is starting a new coalition, and he brings the promise of turning the clock back -- giving Birmingham a do-over. The question is, though, is he for real this time?
Birmingham Weekly  |  Kyle Whitmire  |  04-14-2009  |  Politics

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