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Barefoot Brouhahanew

National winemaker seeks to stomp out local Charlottesville company's moniker.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Lisa Provence  |  11-24-2015  |  Features

Deported Fathernew

Cesar Leyva is holding on to a very thin thread of hope that he'll be able to return to the United States to be close to his 6-year-old son. He hasn't seen his boy in six months.
Tucson Weekly  |  María Inés Taracena  |  11-24-2015  |  Immigration

Apathy Made Visiblenew

In Eugene, Oregon — home of the University of Oregon and the Ducks and counterculture — a cavalier city government is chipping away at public space, one city square at a time.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  11-24-2015  |  Civil Liberties

Should we fix the jails or get addicts out of them?new

The death of a North Carolina woman, who had recently been incarcerated in a local jail, highlights how many addicts across the nation lack access to medication-assisted therapy while in detention awaiting trial, and raises the question as to whether jail is the appropriate place for addicts, particularly pregnant women.
Triad City Beat  |  Jordan Green  |  11-24-2015  |  Health

Thousands of Texas Women Self-Induce Abortion, Study Findsnew

Women point to cost barriers, clinic closures as reasons.
Austin Chronicle  |  Staff  |  11-18-2015  |  The War on Women

Addiction and Recoverynew

When the impossible becomes possible.
The Athens NEWS  |  David DeWitt  |  11-12-2015  |  Drugs

The Cult of Catnew

While the Internet popularized the cat video with its attendant memes, salable kitsch and viral stars, the genre—if one could call it that—dates back to the inception of cinema. For reasons probed by social science and debated by cultural critics, we have long obsessed over cats. Yet in the past decade, with the advent of cheap cameras and online video sharing, that fascination has reached fever-pitch frenzy.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Jennifer Wadsworth  |  11-11-2015  |  Culture

Veterans Helping Veterans...Sometimesnew

It appears a dysfunctional board may have been central to the breakdown of Longmont organization Veterans Helping Veterans Now.
Boulder Weekly  |  Caitlin Rockett  |  11-05-2015  |  Health

Koch Industries Makes Play on College Campusesnew

University of Wisconsin students cheered as the Badgers rolled over Rutgers. But there also was a smattering of boos and catcalls off the field because, on one of the most liberal college campuses in America, the very un-liberal Koch Industries bought sponsorship of the game.
Wisconsin Gazette  |  Lisa Neff and Staff writer  |  11-05-2015  |  Education

Fear and Loathing in Denvernew

A new light has been turned on in the Hunter S. Thompson kitchen.
LEO Weekly  |  Clayton L. Luce  |  11-04-2015  |  Features

Attack of the 50-Foot Uterus!new

After years of repression by the Texas Legislature, the uterus is striking back!
Austin Chronicle  |  Staff  |  10-29-2015  |  The War on Women

A Softer Landingnew

An Iraqi family dreamed of a new life in Missoula, but they landed here with a thud. As the world grapples with the worst refugee crisis in a generation, can a group of local moms convince the state to open its arms?
Missoula Independent  |  Derek Brouwer  |  10-29-2015  |  Immigration

Gut Reactionnew

Fig & Olive is packed weeks after a salmonella outbreak, but the fallout is far from over.
Washington City Paper  |  Jessica Sidman  |  10-29-2015  |  Food+Drink

The Story of a Botched Sting, a Dead Informant and Friendly Firenew

The story of a DEA sting operation in which the confidential informant died, a Houston police officer shot a sheriff’s deputy and most of the suspects were never held accountable.
Houston Press  |  Leif Reigstad  |  10-28-2015  |  Features


How the Koch brothers and other billionaires are staging a take over of our public schools.
Boulder Weekly  |  Matt Cortina  |  10-22-2015  |  Education

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