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The Big Ball of Blamenew

Who could watch the news reports of Katrina without asking who is to blame? Leaders have been busy blaming each other. But perhaps we are all to blame.
Style Weekly  |  Donelson R. Forsyth  |  09-19-2005  |  Commentary

WiseUp! A weekly column of anecdotes and observationsnew

WiseUp! example: A man once asked Robert Burns to lend him his black coat so he could attend a funeral the following day. Mr. Burns replied that he would be attending that funeral, so he could not lend him his black coat. But he suggested, "I can recommend the most excellent substitute. Throw your character over your shoulders. That will be the blackest coat you ever wore in your lifetime."
The Athens NEWS  |  David Bruce  |  03-08-2005  |  Commentary

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