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Voter ID: Not About Intimidationnew

Despite efforts by the Mississippi Legislature to compromise on voter identification during the regular session, Gov. Haley Barbour held a May 13 press conference to demonstrate that he wants no one exempt from mandatory voter identification requirements.
Jackson Free Press  |  Ayana Taylor  |  04-21-2008  |  Media

On Edgenew

A lawsuit from the 2004 elections continues, as tensions mount over county clerks' choice of voting machines.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Dan Frosch  |  12-07-2005  |  Politics

Boxer's Rebellionnew

Activists and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) forced Congress to discuss voting rights on Jan. 6 when Boxer joined members of the U.S. House of Representatives in challenging the certification of Ohio's Electoral College vote.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rachel Brahinsky  |  01-12-2005  |  Politics

Bogus Outragenew

Why the New York Times is wrong (again) about Florida cops intimidating black voters in Orlando
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffrey C. Billman  |  08-25-2004  |  Media

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