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Electile Dysfunction in Nevadanew

Surprisingly little has been made of Nevada's potential to become 2008's new national symbol for electoral chicanery.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Damon Hodge  |  09-26-2008  |  Politics

On Edgenew

A lawsuit from the 2004 elections continues, as tensions mount over county clerks' choice of voting machines.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Dan Frosch  |  12-07-2005  |  Politics

Electronic Systems Could Fail the Voting Testnew

A growing chorus of authoritative voices worldwide maintains that the type of voting machine used in North Carolina's Buncombe County (known in the industry as direct-record electronic devices) is inherently unreliable and prone to tampering in ways that couldn't even be detected.
Mountain Xpress  |  Cecil Bothwell  |  06-08-2004  |  Policy Issues

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