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New York Press Redux?new

Manhattan Media CEO Tom Allon says the company will unveil "a new incarnation" of the nypress.com website in early 2012.
Capital New York  |  12-07-2011  10:32 am  |  Industry News

New York Press Makes It Official, Will Close This Monthnew

Manhattan Media will close the 23-year-old New York Press at the end of August and launch a "magazine/community newspaper hybrid" in its place.
The New York Observer  |  08-18-2011  2:40 pm  |  Industry News

Uncertain Future for the New York Pressnew

Weeks after losing its top two editors, word is circulating that the New York Press may be on the verge of closing.
The Village Voice  |  07-29-2011  10:53 am  |  Industry News

New York Press Loses Two Editorsnew

New York Press is losing editor-in-chief Jerry Portwood and arts & entertainment editor Adam Rathe.
The New York Observer  |  07-15-2011  4:02 pm  |  Industry News

Long Island Press 'Dominated' 2010 New York Press Association Awards

The Long Island Press brought home a total of 23 awards at the New York Press Association (NYPA)'s 2010 Better Newspaper Contest when winners were announced last weekend. (FULL STORY)
AAN  |  04-13-2011  9:11 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Alt-Weekly Book Reviewers Are Meannew

Susan Cohen of Charleston City Paper and Harry Siegel of the New York Press are named "the worst of the worst."
Huffington Post  |  09-24-2010  4:39 pm  |  Honors & Achievements  |  Comments (1)

Four AAN Members Take Home 23 New York Press Association Awardsnew

The New York Press Association announced the winners of its annual Best Newspaper Contest this past weekend, and four alt-weeklies were in the mix. The Long Island Press took home nine awards, including first-place wins for Coverage of Elections/Politics; News Story; and Sports Feature. The New York Press won five total awards, including firsts for Coverage of Business, Financial & Economic News; Coverage of Crime/Police/Courts; Feature Story; and Best Use of Color. Syracuse New Times won five awards as well, including a first-place finish in the Editorial Cartoon category. Ithaca Times took home four awards, including a first-place nod for Best Column.
New York Press Association  |  03-30-2010  9:59 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Armond White Talks 'Greenberg' Snub, Attacks Village Voice Criticnew

White uses most of his space in this week's New York Press review of Greenberg to reflect on the controversy that spilled out last week over his being disinvited from the film's screening. The snub, which was the subject of much chatter among New York film and media types, was allegedly due to White's calling for the mother of Greenberg director Noah Baumbach to have an abortion. As this allegation was debated on the web, Village Voice critic J. Hoberman dug up a copy of the review, which wasn't available online, from the public library and posted it online in a post titled "Proof That Critic Armond White Did Call for Noah Baumbach's Abortion." (By the way, Baumbach's mother, Georgia Brown, was a Voice film critic in the 1980s.) That gesture was not looked upon kindly by White, who contends that Hoberman "deliberately mischaracterized the review," before attacking the longtime Voice critic for "normaliz[ing] the arrogance of class privilege" and calling him "a force behind racist snobbery" and "the scoundrel-czar of contemporary film criticism." MORE: Hoberman responds.
New York Press  |  03-17-2010  6:44 pm  |  Industry News

New York Press' Armond White Will See 'Greenberg' Screeningnew

Despite rumors that were flying around the web yesterday, the controversial film critic has not been banned from seeing a screening of director Noah Baumbach's latest film. "He has RSVP'd for Friday afternoon," Baumbach publicist Leslee Dart tells the Village Voice. "I made a decision, not the filmmaker, that based on the horrible comments he's made about Noah personally -- like how his mother should have had an abortion and how he's never met him, but he's an asshole -- I made a decision that he shouldn't be one of the first critics to see the film." IFC.com's Independent Eye blog has more on the backstory involving White and Baumbach's mother, Georgia Brown, who reviewed movies for the Voice in the 1980s. MORE from New York and Movieline.com.
New York Press  |  03-09-2010  12:35 pm  |  Industry News

True/Slant Columnist Picks Two Alt-Weekly Pieces as 2009's Bestnew

Conor Friedersdorf, in his annual roundup of the year's best journalism, spotlights two very different pieces from alt-weeklies as exemplary work. First, Mark Groubert's "Box of Broken Dreams," which appeared in LA Weekly in January, gets a nod for "Exceptional Storytelling," along with pieces from This American Life, the Washington Post and Esquire. Meanwhile, Matt Taibbi's New York Press takedown of Thomas Friedman -- "Flat N All That" -- gets the nod for "Best Rant," with Friedersdorf writing that it puts Friedman "so far up a creek he'll need three shovels and a steering wheel to spelunk himself out."
True/Slant  |  02-23-2010  11:45 am  |  Industry News

New York Press Parent Co. 'Has Defied Industry Trends'new

"Manhattan Media has thrived as the media landscape has fragmented," Crain's New York reports. The privately-held company, which owns a stable of community weeklies and local specialty magazines, says revenue has grown fivefold since 2002 and advertising revenue for its newspapers is up this year over last. Crain's doesn't make much specific mention of the Press, which Manhattan Media purchased in 2007, except to note that "the company is still tinkering" with the alt-weekly.
Crain's New York  |  12-07-2009  10:37 am  |  Industry News

Four AAN Members Honored in NY State Press Awardsnew

The papers won a total of 24 awards in the New York Press Association's annual Better Newspaper Contest. Long Island Press won eight awards, including the Sharon R. Fulmer Award for Community Leadership and first-place wins for Coverage of Elections/Politics, Feature Story, Headline Writing, and In-Depth Reporting. Syracuse New Times and the Ithaca Times won five awards each, with New Times taking first for Advertising Excellence, Special Holiday Edition and Sports Action Photo and the Times placing first for Coverage of the Environment and Coverage of Local Government. The New York Press also won six awards.
New York Press Association  |  04-07-2009  8:21 am  |  Honors & Achievements

How Anthony Bourdain Almost Launched His Career in an Alt-Weeklynew

At an event in Santa Barbara last week, the host of the Travel Channel program No Reservations touched on his early brush with journalism in New York City. Bourdain said that the first piece he ever sold was to the New York Press, but it was never published. "Week after week after week I kept getting bumped," he said. "And in some moment of drunken hubris I called up [the Press] and was like, 'Fuck you man! I'm pulling the article. I'm going to the New Yorker.'" The New Yorker ran the piece, and as the Santa Barbara Independent puts it, "from there, it was a quick hop to best seller list status and worldwide fame."
Santa Barbara Independent  |  03-03-2009  9:35 am  |  Industry News

New York Press Film Writer Discusses His Criticismnew

Armond White, who recently took over as the new chairman of the NY Film Critics Circle, has tastes and opinions that have proved controversial in critic and fan circles. There's even a blog, "Armond Dangerous," devoted to "parsing the confounding film criticism of Mr. Armond White." But White says he doesn't mind, and that he's not stirring the pot just to stir the pot. "I don't say these things to call attention to myself or to get a rise out of people. I say them because I believe them," he tells New York. "We're living in times when critics get fired if they don't like enough movies. People don't need to hear what mouthpieces for the movie industry tell them. They need to hear the truth."
New York Magazine  |  02-20-2009  11:07 am  |  Industry News