New York Press Redux?

december 7, 2011  10:32 am
New York Press Redux?
Manhattan Media will unveil "a new incarnation" of the website early next year, reports Capital New York's Joe Pompeo.

Since the closure of the New York Press print edition in August, the website has remained active with content from Manhattan Media's other publications, resulting in a 25 to 30 percent jump in traffic according to CEO Tom Allon:
"The Press is still a great brand," said Allon, though he scoffed at the suggestion that he might revive the print edition someday.

"No. No. Alternative newspapers are an anachronism," he said. "I don't see a future for papers like New York Press or The Village Voice now that everything, at least in that industry, is migrating online. That readership is online."

Allon, who has jumped into the 2013 New York mayoral race, told Pompeo, "It is our intention that this will become Mayor Bloomberg's homepage."