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Eugene Weekly Cover Appears on HBO's Vicenew

The Eugene Weekly story, Rape U, delves into several sexual assault cases on the University of Oregon campus and what is — or is not — being done.
Eugene Weekly  |  06-11-2015  6:00 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Five AAN Pubs Recognized By Northwest SPJnew

Eugene Weekly, Missoula Independent, Pacific Northwest Inlander, Seattle Weekly and Willamette Week each picked up multiple Northwest Excellence in Journalism awards from the regional Society of Professional Journalists.
Society of Professional Journalists  |  05-23-2011  5:42 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Eugene Weekly Cover Photo Leads To Art Exhibitionnew

Eugene Weekly's July cover photo of two homeless girls prompted one local artist to put together an art show exhibiting the work of photographers Todd Cooper and Trask Bedortha. 
Eugene Weekly  |  01-21-2011  5:28 pm  |  Honors & Achievements

Altperks: Local Deals For Local Publishers

Index Newspapers has announced the launch of Altperks LLC, a “deals” ad network for local publishers that is a hyperlocal alternative to Groupon and Living Social. (FULL STORY)
The Stranger  |  01-14-2011  3:47 pm  |  Press Releases

Eugene Weekly Receives Package of Manure Intended for Gustavo Arellanonew

An anonymous reader sent a bag of horse manure addressed to "Ask a Mexican" with a note: EAT SHIT AND DIE PARASITE. (FULL STORY)
OC Weekly  |  08-09-2010  12:02 pm  |  Industry News  |  Comments (1)

Six Alt-Weeklies Pick Up Regional SPJ Awardsnew

The Society of Professional Journalists' Pacific Northwest Excellence in Journalism competition, unlike many others, features its own alt-weekly division, which pits publications from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Montana against each other. This year, the Pacific Northwest Inlander led the pack with 13 total awards -- six of which were first-place finishes. Five of the Willamette Week's nine total awards were in first place, and Seattle Weekly won 13 total awards and three firsts. The Missoula Independent won five awards, with two first-place wins. The Eugene Weekly won five awards and the Portland Mercury won one.
Society of Professional Journalists Region 10 (PDF)  |  05-26-2010  8:53 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Eugene Weekly Art Director Diesnew

The Weekly's longtime art director and production manager Kevin Dougherty died at home on Oct. 21 of an apparent heart attack, the paper reports. He was 49 years old. Dougherty, who began working at the Weekly in 1994, became production manager in 1998 and also took over the art director position in 1999. In addition, he served on the executive committee that ran the paper. "Kevin was an amazing boss and coworker, a wonderful friend and an inspirational human being," says Weekly staffer Sarah Decker. "He knew how to make us laugh, and he sure knows how to make us weep. I will miss him every day of my life."
Eugene Weekly  |  10-30-2009  9:11 am  |  Industry News

Eugene Weekly Looks for 'Next Big Thing'

Lots of bands think they're just on the verge of busting out of their local bar-band circuit, quitting their day jobs and becoming the next big thing. In Oregon, the Eugene Weekly is hoping to help one lucky band do just that with its own music contest. (FULL STORY)
AAN News  |  09-29-2009  2:07 pm  |  Industry News

AAN Members Pick Up Dozens of SPJ Awards in Pacific Northwestnew

Five alt-weeklies won a number of awards in the Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists' 2008 Excellence in Journalism Awards. Among non-daily newspapers in Oregon, Willamette Week took home 10 first-place awards, while Eugene Weekly took home one. Among alt-weeklies in the Northwest region, WW won six first-place awards; Seattle Weekly won four; the Missoula Independent won two; and the Pacific Northwest Inlander won one.
Society of Professional Journalists, Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter  |  06-01-2009  8:27 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Eugene Weekly Starting to See Ads Drop Offnew

In a story about the media industry's woes in the Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon's student paper, the Weekly's director of sales and marketing Bill Shreve says the poor national economy seems to have only recently began to catch up to the Eugene economy. He tells the Emerald that "retail is off a little bit" in the last month, and that while the Weekly hasn't been hit as hard as some other media outlets, the staff is "extremely cautious."
The Daily Emerald  |  12-09-2008  8:30 am  |  Industry News

AAN Members Win 38 Pacific Northwest SPJ Awardsnew

The winners of the 2007 Society of Professional Journalists' Pacific Northwest Excellence in Journalism Awards were announced on Saturday night, and dozens of awards went to four alt-weeklies. Seattle Weekly led the way with 15 awards, including a total of eight first-place finishes in the Business, Education, Government, Investigative, Lifestyle, Science and Health, Special Section, and Sports categories. The Pacific Northwest Inlander took home 12 awards, including four first-place wins in the Consumer/Environmental Affairs, Humor, Page Design, and Social Issues categories. Eugene Weekly also won seven awards, and the Missoula Independent took home four.
Society of Professional Journalists Region 10  |  06-03-2008  8:55 am  |  Honors & Achievements

Eugene Weekly Feature Leads to Art Exhibitionnew

Paul Neevel has shot more than 600 portraits over the past 12 years for the Weekly's "Happening People" feature, and now some of the best are on display at the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene. The 68-year-old Neevel "has been taking pictures for the Weekly since 1989, in the days when the alternative newspaper was called What's Happening," the Register-Guard reports. "This has got to be the best job in the world," Neevel says of doing the "Happening People" feature. "I get to visit these interesting people, and they are willing to sit with me and tell me their whole life stories.”
The Register-Guard (Eugene, Ore.)  |  02-26-2008  12:31 pm  |  Industry News

¡Ask a Mexican! Causes a Stir in Eugenenew

Much like when it started running Savage Love, Eugene Weekly's decision to run Gustavo Arellano's syndicated column has been greeted with some opposition: letters to the editor have called the OC Weekly staffer "racist," while leaders of the local Latino community have pressed the paper to drop the column. KEZI-TV hits the streets, finds folks "outraged" over ¡Ask a Mexican! and wonders "What's next: 'Ask an Asian'"? "It's even better than that," Arellano writes on the OC Weekly blog, "it's 'Ask a Korean!', and it's pinche brilliant."
KEZI-TV  |  12-04-2007  8:49 am  |  Industry News

Eugene Weekly Holds Jingle Contest

The alt-weekly put out a call for local musicians to create 30-second jingles, and plenty responded. There are now 26 jingles in the running for the possibility of being featured in local radio ads for the Weekly. Readers are currently listening to and voting on the best jingles online, and the winner of the reader's poll will also receive a $500 prize. "We will probably cut the [radio] spot with an all-star band in different genres," says Bill Shreve, the Weekly's director of Marketing and Advertising. He adds: "We've gotten a pretty good buzz off this thing."
AAN News  |  07-03-2007  3:08 pm  |  Industry News

Savage Love 'Raising Eyebrows' in Eugenenew

The addition of the widely syndicated sex-advice column to the Eugene Weekly is "stirring up controversy," according to KEZI-TV 9 News. The local ABC affiliate, which led with the story on Friday evening, took to the streets to get reactions; two of the three locals interviewed didn't have a problem with the column, with one woman offering, "I lived in New York City for many years. I'm way beyond ever being offended by anything." KEZI also talked to Eugene Weekly editor Ted Taylor (pictured), who wondered: "What's the big deal? They are just words about sex. Why not be outraged by what I consider the real moral issues?" Director of Advertising and Marketing Bill Shreve tells AAN News the paper picked up Savage Love in October, and e-mails and calls to the Weekly have been split about evenly between supporters and opponents of the column. He also notes that the whole thing has "been good for business."
KEZI-TV 9 News  |  02-06-2007  4:06 pm  |  Industry News