Metro Spirit's New Publisher Adjusts to Life at an Alt-Weekly

november 27, 2007  11:41 am
Bryan Osborn, who was named publisher of the Augusta, Ga., paper earlier this month, has spent 15 years working in various managerial roles for daily papers, but he always had his eye on the alt-universe. "I kind of had a jealousy streak and always thought, 'That would be so cool if I did that,'" he says. He tells reporter Angel Cleary about his first "corporate" meetings at Portico Publications, which owns Metro Spirit as well as AAN members C-Ville Weekly and Columbia Free Times. "It was just such a different environment. The discussions were a lot more laid back, as opposed to what would happen in a conference room with a PowerPoint presentation," he says. "When I got out here, when I got to the company, I really felt like I could be myself. I told them, I said, 'I feel like I'm home.'"