Is Salt Lake City Weekly's John Saltas Replaceable?

july 26, 2006  03:22 pm
"Over the years I paid plenty of people plenty of money to do nothing around here, and I don't want to become one of them," says Salt Lake City Weekly's owner, John Saltas, in his July 27 column. Saltas is explaining why he hasn't quit writing for the Weekly even though he's too old. "Writing for a newspaper like this one -- a newspaper with a youngish readership and embedded in a community with one of America’s youngest demographics -- should be, in my opinion, a task left to those who share the basic reference points with that readership," Saltas says. His solution: to hold a "Replace John Contest," in which readers are invited to write Saltas' column for him. Saltas isn't claiming that he will step down permanently, but the winner will be published at least once and will take home a cash prize.