Cleveland Scene Editor Dispenses Advice on White Trash Manners

april 3, 2006  11:15 am
Pete Kotz's upcoming book, "White Trash Etiquette" -- written under the nom de plume Dr. Verne Edstrom, Esq. -- merited his inclusion in a March 18 Washington Post article on "Trailer Park Chic," apparently a hot trend. He was also quoted in an April 3 San Jose Mercury News article on the trashy appeal of the TV show "My Name Is Earl." When questioned on his credentials by AAN News, Kotz said, "I'm probably a half-breed. I'm really good at drinking way too much whiskey and passing out on the asphalt behind the gas station, but I also have this sissy desk job, and the other day I used the word 'poignant,' which is like a gateway drug to much harder sins, like taking up golf. " Broadway Books will release "White Trash Etiquette" on June 13 with a beer-cozy tie-in.