AAN's 35th Annual Convention Heads to Detroit

april 24, 2012  05:00 pm
James M Phelps, Jr/Shutterstock

Despite what you've read, Detroit is not all troubled city politics and ruin porn!

Among its many nicknames, Detroit is known as the "Renaissance City" and the city has embraced the idea of perpetual rebirth in various ways, as shown by a surge of new industries and thriving cultural scene.

Much like alternative weeklies, the city strives for change and rebounds with new ideas and the motivation to fulfill them. This makes it the perfect host city for AAN’s 35th Annual Convention scheduled for Thursday, June 7 through Saturday, June 9.

This year's sessions include workshops and speakers that will provide the necessary tools for alts to do what they do best in the best ways possible, such as new ways of managing print and digital content, designing for digital, monetizing online content and social media and making content relevant to readers.

Ethan Zuckerman, of Harvard's Berkman Center, will also serve as keynote speaker, presenting insightful data on media trends and criticisms.

You'll find more of what to expect by taking a look at our schedule of programs and the list of speakers.

Join us this year and let your paper's renaissance begin in the Renaissance City.