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A Ban on Hypocrisynew

Liberals and conservatives should re-examine the basics of our public debates.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  E.R. Bills  |  01-16-2013  |  Commentary

In the Heart of Heartbreaknew

Noah was energetic and animated, with big blue eyes. He loved unusual foods for a child: pickles, broccoli, salmon. And tacos — he often talked about wanting to manage a taco factory when he grew up, in addition to being an astronaut and a doctor.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Naomi Zeveloff  |  01-03-2013  |  Children & Families

Newtown and The Media's Delusional Narrative on Caucasian Mayhemnew

Crime coverage in minority areas rarely digs beneath the surface. Most outlets condense the tragedies into a singular disposable headline. Forget medical records – we don't even always learn the names of black shooters.
Boston Phoenix  |  Chris Faraone  |  12-18-2012  |  Media

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