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How Deregulation Led to the Current Bank Collapsenew

In 2000, Sen. Phil Gramm attached a rider to an appropriations bill to deregulate derivatives trading and other complicated financial instruments like collateral debt obligations. This was the effective nail in the coffin for the FDR-era Glass-Steagall Act, which was created to prevent a repeat of the crash of 1929.
Charleston City Paper  |  D.A. Smith  |  10-09-2008  |  Economy

Thomas Frank on McCain, the Wall Street Mess, and Voter Fraudnew

"These Republicans have acted for years as though markets work fine unregulated," Frank says. "But what you get is incredible rip-offs."
Shepherd Express  |  Roger Bybee  |  09-26-2008  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Crude: How Wall Street is Screwing Americanew

While it is clear that our economy is in deep trouble, there's one part of the puzzle that still lies in a place as murky as the water surrounding the refineries in the Gulf of Mexico: the Wall Street-Oil connection.
Long Island Press  |  Jed Morey  |  09-25-2008  |  Economy

Save People, Not Bankers

Bailouts go to bankers. Why not help homeowners facing foreclosure instead?
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  09-23-2008  |  Economy

How McCain's Economic Advisor, and Bill Clinton's, Screwed the Economynew

What we're experiencing is not just one of those occasional stock market swoons or interest-rate tangos. What's going on now is a calamity of the sort not seen since the dark days of 1929.
Artvoice  |  Bruce Fisher  |  09-22-2008  |  Economy

McCain's Economic Brainnew

The economy is fine, pronounced the economic doctor; people have just fallen into a mental recession.
Jackson Free Press  |  Jim Hightower  |  07-24-2008  |  Commentary

John McCain's Phil Gramm Gamblenew

In Gramm, McCain has chosen for a campaign co-chair and adviser a former senator who espouses free market, conservative principles, but whose actions in public office served wealthy contributors and even himself, leading to economic crises like the credit crunch and skyrocketing fuel costs.
The Texas Observer  |  Patricia Kilday Hart  |  06-03-2008  |  Politics

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