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MIT Blows Out 10010110 Birthday Candlesnew

Sesquicentennially yours.
Boston Phoenix  |  Shaula Clark  |  01-17-2011  |  Tech

Inventing the Future at MITnew

At MIT's fabled Media Lab, some will change the world with robots and computers, others with ... Wii guitars.
Boston Phoenix  |  Abigail Jones  |  05-14-2009  |  Tech

Latkes vs. Hamantash at MITnew

An annual debate pits six MIT academics in a battle to determine the superior Jewish treat — the three-cornered pastry made with a variety of fillings or the fried potato pancake.
Boston Phoenix  |  Ian Sands  |  03-12-2009  |  Food+Drink

'Time Warp' Gives Us a Scientific Slowdownnew

A new Discovery Channel series slows down ordinary, and extraordinary, events using high-speed stroboscopic photography.
Boston Phoenix  |  Cassandra Landry  |  10-23-2008  |  TV

The Biz-School Widow's Lamentnew

It's hard to become a full member of the club when you're branded an academic "other."
Boston Phoenix  |  Sara Faith Alterman and Kara Baskin  |  10-21-2008  |  Education

Dan Ariely Discovers There's a Science to People Doing Bad Thingsnew

The MIT behavioral economist conducts an ongoing series of experiments about human behavior.
Style Weekly  |  Valley Haggard  |  04-30-2008  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

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