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Korean War vet and retired U.S. Rep. Andy Jacobs, D-Ind., who served in Congress from 1965-1997, continues to challenge Hoosiers with his weekly mental joyride.
NUVO  |  Andy Jacobs Jr.  |  10-10-2012  |  Commentary

'Year One' Tries (and Fails) to be a Monty Python Movienew

Harold Ramis has had a hand in some seriously great comedies -- Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day -- but, lest we forget, he was also responsible for Club Paradise and Stuart Saves His Family. Year One might be better than either of those movies, but not by much.
The Portland Mercury  |  Ned Lannamann  |  06-19-2009  |  Reviews

Is the 'Woman Caught in Adultery' Really Part of Scripture?new

The passage is so well-known, and such a striking example of Jesus' forgiveness and call to lead a godly life, that it has its own name -- the pericope adulterae. But is it really inspired Scripture? Dr. Daniel B. Wallace has found evidence in Albania that suggests to him it is not.
Dallas Observer  |  Julie Lyons  |  04-28-2008  |  Religion

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