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San Francisco's Killer Frogsnew

A tiny pond near the mouth of Golden Gate Park is host to as many as 10,000 invasive African clawed frogs so voracious they're a threat to the entire state.
SF Weekly  |  Matt Smith  |  07-23-2010  |  Environment

Gregg Perloff Is the New Bill Grahamnew

How his Another Planet Entertainment beat the competition to host the epic Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival.
East Bay Express  |  David Downs  |  08-14-2008  |  Music

Fringe Political Group Pedals Toward a Cyclocross Ethicnew

The 10th annual Urban Outlaw Cross Dress Cyclocross is an amalgam of bike-riding, roller derby, steeplechase, mud wrestling and ballet, with a special prize for best cross-dressing. The purpose is to protest property ownership that comes at the expense of the common good.
SF Weekly  |  Matt Smith  |  09-21-2004  |  Sports

What Will It Take to Make John Kerry Speak the Plain Truth?new

Three decades ago, Kerry was an authoritative voice for an angry generation that said no to official lying, and no to war. Back then, as a war veteran, he spoke eloquently, but directly and from the heart. How we need that young, angry Kerry now.
SF Weekly  |  John Mecklin  |  09-20-2004  |  Commentary

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