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Battle Over Biomassnew

Angry loggers, protesters locking themselves to cars and belligerent law enforcement bring to mind the face-offs between loggers and activists during the logging wars of the Northwest in the 1990s. But these days, with only a few exceptions, it’s energy and climate change, not old growth, that are causing the clashes between corporations and ecowarriers.
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen  |  05-13-2011  |  Environment

New Chip Technologynew

Seeing forest for the wood chips in the brave new bio-economy.
NOW Magazine  |  Wayne Roberts  |  12-10-2010  |  Environment

Biomass: Is Its Bite Worth the Bark?new

It seems the word “biomass” is synonymous with burning trees in a plant, but the term is much broader than that. Biomass energy can come from more sources than just burning wood.
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen  |  07-22-2010  |  Environment

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