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The Sometimes Illegal and Often Dangerous Sport of Urban Explorationnew

Urban exploration, or "urbex," is about seeking out forgotten stories, about searching for the places of which we know nothing, about turning down the dirt roads we’ve never before noticed and, above all, trying to understand them.
Weekly Alibi  |  Ty Bannerman  |  06-09-2009  |  Recreation

How Albuquerque's South Valley Is Giving Capitalism a Good Namenew

Albuquerque's South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC) is a small business incubator that provides facilities, resources and training to support the development and expansion of all manner of small enterprises.
Weekly Alibi  |  Ari LeVaux  |  05-05-2009  |  Business & Labor

Stallin': Larry Bob Phillips' 'Piss-Teen Chapel'new

Larry Bob Phillips recently completed a mural in the men's restroom at Albuquerque's Atomic Cantina. It's a beautifully complex mess of desire, sadness and digestion involving bombs, pasta and sex.
Weekly Alibi  |  David Leigh  |  04-14-2009  |  Art

Albuquerque's Drinking Water Could Be at Risknew

Groundwater from Albuquerque's aquifer lies less than 500 feet below Sandia Labs' Mixed Waste Landfill. Sandia says there's no evidence any of the waste in the landfill has contaminated the water, but an environmental watchdog group says we can't know for sure.
Weekly Alibi  |  Simon McCormack  |  04-14-2009  |  Environment

The Alibi's Sixth Annual Photo Contestnew

Is photography simply the capturing of a moment, or is it the creation of it? Don't look at us; we got nothing. Instead, look at the work submitted by Alibi readers to our annual snapshot shindig.
Weekly Alibi  |  Erin Adair-Hodges  |  04-14-2009  |  Art

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