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Actor Jason Mewes on podcasting with Kevin Smith, beating addictionnew

At 37 years old, actor Jason Mewes, best known as the talkative half of the drug-dealing duo Jay and Silent Bob (Clerks, Chasing Amy), admits he no longer has the stamina to rollerblade long distances or the metabolism to scarf down pizza without remorse like he could in his 20s.
San Antonio Current  |  Kiko Martínez  |  02-01-2012  |  Profiles & Interviews

Bruce Willis and a Surprisingly Tame Mood Ultimately Bring Down 'Cop Out'new

Regrettably, the film almost feels afraid of the genre. For an R-rated tribute to the trash cinema of yesteryear, it feels like PG-13 fluff. There aren't nearly enough F-bombs; there's absolutely no nudity, and very little explosive blood.
Tucson Weekly  |  Bob Grimm  |  03-03-2010  |  Reviews

Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and Movie Mockery in Kevin Smith's New Featurenew

The film's opening shot, set to the Beastie Boys' No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn, is a slow-motion, toe-to-head tilt-up of white cop-black cop buddies Jimmy (Bruce Willis) and Paul (Tracy Morgan) swaggering stone-faced toward the camera.
L.A. Weekly  |  Karina Longworth  |  02-26-2010  |  Reviews

Kevin Smith Blows his Wad with 'Zack and Miri'new

Hard-up meets hard-on in a movie that's all heart once you get past the shit shot that'll shock only those for whom Clerks II's donkey show wasn't oh-God-no enough.
Dallas Observer  |  Robert Wilonsky  |  11-03-2008  |  Reviews

Elizabeth Banks Has the Balls to Play the First Lady and a Porn Novicenew

The self-professed "guy's girl" swears like a trucker and can talk about her vagina.
NOW Magazine  |  Radheyan Simonpillai  |  11-03-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Fanboy Filmmaker Kevin Smith discusses 'Porno' & R2-TBagnew

Smith shakes the haters off with his return to form, Zack and Miri Make a Porno.
San Antonio Current  |  Cole Haddon  |  10-30-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

One Person Saves 'Zack and Miri': Elizabeth Banksnew

When full-scale T&A supplants a storyline rather than complementing it, a fictional send-up about making a porno begins to adopt the tedium of watching an actual porno.
INDY Week  |  Neil Morris  |  10-30-2008  |  Reviews

Kevin Smith Tests the Gag Reflex of Chick Flicksnew

Smith's former productions were like low-rent precursors to Judd Apatow. In Zack and Miri both comic galaxies collide, with orgasmic results.
Willamette Week  |  Ap Kryza  |  10-29-2008  |  Reviews

Kevin Smith Talks About his Most Adult Film Yetnew

Zack and Miri earned the dreaded NC-17, but Smith went through the appeals process and won his R rating. "I was a happy camper," he says. "Everything I wanted in the movie is in the movie." One of those things is a scene about what happens when an anal-sex scene ends very suddenly and very badly.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Anders Wright  |  10-29-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Kevin Smith Borrows From Judd Apatow in 'Zack and Miri'

Kevin Smith hasn't matured enough to actually make a good comedy, but he has accrued enough casting wisdom to elevate his latest homegrown material with the effervescent Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogan.
City Pulse  |  Cole Smithey  |  10-27-2008  |  Reviews

Kevin Smith's Arrested Adolescence Continues in 'Zack and Miri'

Smith's still funny when the muse strikes him, but it's just too awkward watching him try to build romantic comedy out of sentimentalizing old-school pornography.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Scott Renshaw  |  10-27-2008  |  Reviews

Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks Keep 'Zack and Miri' Watchable

Kevin Smith hasn't matured enough to actually make a good comedy, but he has accrued enough casting wisdom to elevate his latest homegrown material with the effervescent Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks.
City Pulse  |  Cole Smithey  |  10-25-2008  |  Reviews

Rewarding Rehirenew

They're back, and, well, they're still amusing losers.
Tucson Weekly  |  Bob Grimm  |  07-26-2006  |  Reviews

Over the Counter Culture

Most of Clerks II's naughty bits seem as contrived as Clerks' seemed natural.
Washington City Paper  |  Tricia Olszewski  |  07-21-2006  |  Reviews

Boys Will Do Boys

Clerks II is equally self-centered as the first, even if Smith has moved on in several significant ways.
Washington City Paper  |  Mark Jenkins  |  07-21-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

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