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Deerhoof: Deerhoof vs. Evilnew

Calling the members of Deerhoof musical dilettantes is disingenuous. The San Francisco group's lengthy career may be cultivated on a healthy musical curiosity, but there is nothing superficial or casual about the band's methods or products.
Tucson Weekly  |  Michael Petitti  |  02-24-2011  |  Reviews


Deerhoof vs. Evil.
East Bay Express  |  Nate Seltenrich  |  01-14-2011  |  Reviews

This Little Undergroundnew

Sonically, Philadelphia's Man Man and Brooklyn's Tim Fite don't seem the most likely of bedmates. But both acts work the luring whimsicality of children's stories with adult, sometimes dark intentions.
Orlando Weekly  |  Bao Le-Huu  |  11-06-2008  |  Music

Deerhoof Stays Beautifully Quirkynew

On Offend Maggie, the band adds some muscle to its usual eccentric tunes.
Tucson Weekly  |  Michael Petitti  |  11-06-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Deerhoof Leaves a Paper Trailnew

It was with some irony that the first taste of Deerhoof's latest work was a single released as sheet music well before a recorded version surfaced.
Shepherd Express  |  Joe Uchill  |  10-10-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Deerhoof's Buff vs. Buffy Dynamicnew

Chameleon-esque noise-poppers experiment by "recording like a normal band" for its forthcoming release Offend Maggie.
East Bay Express  |  David Downs  |  10-01-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Weird Wordsnew

This album takes patience to enjoy -- but the patient will be rewarded.
Tucson Weekly  |  Gene Armstrong  |  02-28-2007  |  Reviews

Intuitive Pop Reconstructionnew

This is Deerhoof in a feisty, take-no-prisoners, totally-psyched-about-recess mode.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Kimberly Chun  |  01-17-2007  |  Reviews

Cabin Fervornew

Lost in the studio, Deerhoof swerves between impulse and control.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Marc Masters  |  01-25-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

Comeback Clipsnew

A music-video renaissance is afoot, but it's online, not on cable.
Houston Press  |  Chris Dahlen  |  01-03-2006  |  Music

Reaction Wantednew

Never mind the manifestos: Deerhoof thwarts categorization with no-rules art-punk.
Tucson Weekly  |  Gene Armstrong  |  11-17-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews

Is Practice Making Them Less Weird?

As always with Deerhoof, the question with every new album is: How will they pull this off live? The answer remains generally the same: They won’t bother.
Dig Boston  |  Matt Parish  |  09-14-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews

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