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Pain -- and Possibility -- Arise as the Language of Race Decaysnew

The way out of this -- past notions of racial purity and beyond words like "multi-racial" and "other" -- need not be difficult. It will require us to recognize the faulted language we've inherited and consciously opt to ditch it.
Arkansas Times  |  Mara Leveritt  |  12-11-2008  |  Race & Class


Finding other guys named Mike Ives.
Seven Days  |  Mike Ives  |  06-25-2007  |  Tech

Search Menew

How far can someone follow cyber-footprints?
Seven Days  |  Ken Picard  |  06-25-2007  |  Tech

Transgendered Community Struggles to Overcome Stereotypes

Gender reassignment surgery used to be covered under the provincial health plan. But the government cut funding just as Michelle Anderson was halfway through. Now, she and other transgendered activists are working to promote trans acceptance in the community at large
Monday Magazine  |  Sarah Petrescu  |  08-07-2004  |  LGBT

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