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Numbers Gamenew

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett wants to bet on keno. Are your wallet and well-being worth the risk?
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Charlie Deitch  |  01-09-2013  |  Policy Issues

Running the Numbers at the Arkansas Lottery Officenew

The story of Arkansas' lottery has taken some rough turns.
Arkansas Times  |  Gerard Matthews  |  09-21-2011  |  Economy

HOPE should be cappednew

The HOPE scholarship is overextended by $244 million this year
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Mara Shalhoup  |  08-26-2010  |  Policy Issues

An Hour at Gamblers Anonymous Lets You In on Years Sufferingnew

To be admitted to this stark room, with its vinyl floor, harsh lighting and a chill that says this place isn't supposed to be a comfort zone, one must be ready to admit failure. You show up at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting because you need help.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Pam Zubeck  |  01-21-2010  |  Economy

Lottery Promotionnew

The lottery finds itself in a somewhat awkward position on advertising. Officials want to maximize sales, but they have to be wary of targeting specific demographic groups, even if national experience indicates some might be more fertile markets.
Arkansas Times  |  Arkansas Times Staff  |  12-10-2009  |  Economy

Follow the Bouncing Lotto Ball in Arkansasnew

In all the haste, headlines and hubbub about what has become the biggest political story of the year, something sometimes gets overlooked. What will the lottery really mean for Arkansas' citizens and higher education system? Here, even big backers hedge their bets.
Arkansas Times  |  Gerard Matthews  |  07-23-2009  |  Policy Issues

You May Already Be a Losernew

David Lee Edwards won the Powerball lottery -- then his number came up.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Amy Guthrie  |  08-21-2007  |  Economy

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