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Director Ping Chong Turns His Spotlight on Six Colorado Springs Locals With Disabilitiesnew

"Whether we do it in Tokyo, or Holland, or Germany, it's about being 'other' in those places or being marginalized in those places and giving voice to people who are marginalized."
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Kirsten Akens  |  09-24-2009  |  Theater

'Quid Pro Quo' Dabbles in Disabilitynew

A quasi-psychological thriller based around the subculture of "wannabes" who identify as, or wish to be, disabled, it completely sidesteps any real explanation of its own premise in favor of directional switcheroos.
The Portland Mercury  |  Marjorie Skinner  |  07-24-2008  |  Reviews

New Haven Housing Authority Slapped with Class-Action Suit Demaning Help for Disablednew

The lawsuit was filed by a woman with spina bifida, a birth defect affecting the spine, who is losing her apartment because her landlord is facing foreclosure. The disabled woman, Rebecca Taylor, hoped the Housing Authority would help her find a new handicap-accessible apartment, but she had to resort to a federal lawsuit to get that help.
New Haven Advocate  |  Betsy Yagla  |  06-10-2008  |  Housing & Development

Retired NFL Players Face a Litany of Health Problemsnew

The battle-scarred tough guys of the past are now standing up to the league, demanding a better disability plan and pensions similar to those of Major League Baseball players.
The Pitch  |  Justin Kendall  |  09-19-2007  |  Sports

The Littlest Felonsnew

"Superpredators" under the age of 12, armed with pebbles and raw eggs, get zero tolerance in Palm Beach County schools.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Wyatt Olson  |  12-20-2005  |  Crime & Justice

Dallas City Crews Dump Homeless People's Possessionsnew

In a life beneath bridges and in homeless camps, Tommy Lee Simmons carried a photograph of his grandparents with him, wrapped in plastic stuffed deep inside his duffel. Now, thanks to a city sweep of a homeless camp, it's in the landfill.
Dallas Observer  |  Jim Schutze  |  01-14-2005  |  Economy

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