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Who Is Howard Kurtz and Why Shouldn't You Care?new

Kurtz's move to The Daily Beast matches up exactly with his shtick: schlocky, celebrity friendly, high poses, low plays, spotlight-hungry news-as-brand-building.
The Village Voice  |  Foster Kamer  |  10-06-2010  |  Media

The Washington Post Still Hates and Does Not "Get" The Internetnew

Washington Post reporter Mike Wise was just suspended for a month because he Tweeted out a "fake scoop."
The Village Voice  |  Foster Kamer  |  08-31-2010  |  Media

Classified Addsnew

SFR investigates the New Mexico component of the Washington Post's intelligence project.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Corey Pein  |  07-28-2010  |  Policy Issues

The Sad, Bullshit Story of Washington Post Blogger Dave Weigel's Resignationnew

Until earlier today, the Washington Post had a very popular, well-liked blogger named Dave Weigel. He handed in his resignation to the Post this afternoon. Why?
The Village Voice  |  Foster Kamer  |  06-25-2010  |  Media

Is D.C. Shoving Go-Go Aside?new

Natalie Hopkinson’s article in last Sunday’s Washington Post Outlook section, “Go-go music is the soul of Washington, but it’s slipping,” has generated some discussion thanks to its provocative title, its subject and contentions. But some of the piece’s contentions, specifically those suggesting a causative relationship between gentrification and the diminished presence of go-go within the city, raised my eyebrows, and I wasn’t alone.
Washington City Paper  |  Steve Kiviat  |  04-16-2010  |  Music

Media in Blackface: Ishmael Reed on the Racist News Industrynew

Generally considered one of the more controversial figures in the field of African-American letters, Ishmael Reed and his tireless commentary on the state of race relations in the U.S. are not only choice targets for his obvious detractors on the right of the political spectrum, but also among many on the left—the “white progressives” whom he consistently chastises in any of his dozens of books.
Montreal Mirror  |  Chris Barry  |  04-12-2010  |  Race & Class

One Mission, Two Newsrooms at the Washington Postnew

The scrum for control of the Post's future shuffles back and forth across the Potomac River. Editorial types work downtown, while their dot-com associates, do their biz in the Arlington offices of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, the online publishing subsidiary of the Washington Post Co.
Washington City Paper  |  Erik Wemple  |  02-14-2008  |  Media

Rx for Info Overloadnew

A media critic offers a guide on how to navigate through today's information overload and become reasonably well-informed without making the quest a full-time job the way news addicts do.
The Village Voice  |  Sydney H. Schanberg  |  07-29-2005  |  Media

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