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Kill Your Antennanew

The DTV transition doesn't affect you. And we shouldn't be doing it anyway -- we should get all the spectrum back from the TV companies and use it to extend internet access to everyone.
Portland Phoenix  |  Jeff Inglis  |  01-14-2009  |  Media

Nathan Brown Hopes to Bring Back the 8-Tracknew

The 8-track is such an object of obsession for Brown that he's hoping not only to repopularize, but almost literally to resurrect it. This year he has recorded and engineered releases by two Arkansas bands -- the Crisco Kids and San Antokyo -- solely on 8-track, with plans to do the same for The Thing That Always Explodes, Magic Hassle and the Evelyns.
Arkansas Times  |  Sam Eifling  |  07-03-2008  |  Music

Do I Need to Buy a New Television?new

If you're like the average American, you don't fully understand what TV's analog to digital transition means for you.
Shepherd Express  |  Evan Rytlewski  |  04-11-2008  |  Movies

Love, Indispensable and Inadequatenew

Pixel Revolt sounds so fantastic we'll forgive you for not noticing the lyrics immediately.
Illinois Times  |  Rene Spencer Saller  |  09-09-2005  |  Reviews

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