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Public Display of Defectionnew

Interpol sheds its 'dead weight' and turns the bright lights back on.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Matthew Schniper  |  10-25-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews


For a band that's brought a post-punk cognitive dissonance to DVD-piracy warnings and terrorism watch lists the world over, Interpol sure isn't surprising anyone these days.
Tucson Weekly  |  Sean Bottai  |  09-08-2010  |  Reviews

Interpol's Sam Fogarino sees a bright futurenew

With a new lineup in place, Interpol hit the road last month to showcase the new material on a forthcoming album — a self-titled studio collection due on Sept. 7 on Matador Records.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  08-16-2010  |  Profiles & Interviews

Interpol's Paul Banks Strikes Out on His Own With an Alter Egonew

Since the album's title finds Banks literally describing his new alter ego for his audience, it's telling that he chooses to link this persona with the album's third track, "Skyscraper," an ambient, acoustic soundscape mostly sans vocals.
Tucson Weekly  |  Sean Bottai  |  08-12-2009  |  Reviews

Magnetic Morning Proves it's Darkest Just Before the Dawnnew

Sure, Interpol and Swervedriver might be easy reference points for Magnetic Morning, but the comparison is rendered lazy once you hear the music.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Seth Combs  |  10-29-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

A Great Yearnew

With Christy's photography exhibition and Sam's Interpol album, it's a banner time to be a Fogarino.
Metro Spirit  |  Randy DuTeau  |  09-18-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

Is There More to Interpol than Fancy Matching Suits?new

The band's latest disc abandons the oppressive claustrophobia that had become their aesthetic cliche -- the songs have breathing room, stretching out along more expansive arrangements of keyboards and shimmering guitars.
NOW Magazine  |  Sarah Liss  |  09-07-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

Interpol is Deadly Seriousnew

Interpol's third album contains not a single misfire, with songs as emotionally devastating as getting dumped and fired in the same afternoon.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Ben Westhoff  |  08-15-2007  |  Reviews

Needlessly Flawednew

Interpol's major-label debut seems like a paltry knockoff of the real thing.
Tucson Weekly  |  Michael Petitti  |  07-22-2007  |  Reviews

Interpol Rises Above Its Influencesnew

In terms of writing and production, this may be Interpol at their best.
NOW Magazine  |  Sarah Liss  |  07-13-2007  |  Reviews

Remixing Their Outlooknew

Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler tells what led the band to do a remix album.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bettina Swigger  |  09-08-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews

Interpol Aims for the Top of the Popsnew

Interpol's second LP, Antics, is a band-on-the-bus record. The tension of Bright Lights is largely replaced by a more confident sound. The album's effect is more immediate, and the band is tighter.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Nikhil Swaminathan  |  10-28-2004  |  Profiles & Interviews

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