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The Hold Steady Goes Beyond the 'Matsnew

The extra-strength aesthetic of Heaven is Whenever suits the hearty themes of Craig Finn's latest songs.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  09-22-2010  |  Reviews

The Hold Steady Do Exactly That on 'Stay Positive'

The Brooklyn rockers do what they do best on their latest album.
Metroland  |  John Brodeur  |  12-18-2008  |  Reviews

How the Drive-By Truckers Met The Hold Steadynew

While it's no surprise that bottle rockets and plenty of mischief-making have come into the mix, the meeting of DBT frontman Patterson Hood and Hold Steady guitarist Tad Kubler involves interests as brainy as they are bacchanalian.
Seattle Weekly  |  Hannah Levin  |  11-25-2008  |  Music

The Drive-By Truckers and The Hold Steady Consummate Their Mutual Crushnew

For a certain breed of rock fan -- those who like their rock literate and loud -- this tour is a wondrous fantasy, Hanukkah come early, OMFG. But for all the mutual man love going around, the two bands don't necessarily seem like a logical pairing.
Nashville Scene  |  Lee Stabert  |  10-31-2008  |  Music

Critical Darlings the Hold Steady Deliver Againnew

Essentially, the Hold Steady is Springsteen for people raised on "all-ages hardcore matinee shows."
The Memphis Flyer  |  Chris Herrington  |  08-08-2008  |  Reviews

Socio-Economic Anxiety Never Rocked as Hard as it Does on the Hold Steady's Latestnew

Though the Hold Steady's musical style has always been of the lunchpail-swingin' bar-rock variety, Craig Finn's lyrics have usually been less about the rundown poor than the burned-out party kids. That changes on Stay Positive: Finn more directly addresses working-class themes, spinning tales of slightly older characters who are actually sweating their way through the drudgery.
Washington City Paper  |  David Dunlap Jr.  |  07-10-2008  |  Reviews

Home for the Holidays With the Hold Steadynew

The latest, greatest success from the Twin Cities returns to the wellspring of its creativity.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Jeff Severns Guntzel  |  12-05-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Hold Steady's Love-Hate Relationship With 'Bar Band'new

The members of the band seem to have embraced the label, even though guitarist Tad Kubler realizes it can carry some negative connotations.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Alan Sculley  |  11-13-2007  |  Profiles & Interviews

Holding Steadynew

Tad Kubler talks about BMX, booze and Boys and Girls in America.
LEO Weekly  |  Mat Herron  |  12-04-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

Stations of the Bossnew

The Hold Steady get lit, literate.
Washington City Paper  |  David Dunlap Jr.  |  10-13-2006  |  Reviews

The Hold Steady Slipsnew

This album extends Craig Finn's Bruce Springsteen-meets-Jack Kerouac babbling into anthemic, piano-anchored choruses but with as much -- if not more -- lyrical malady as melody.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Tony Ware  |  09-28-2006  |  Reviews

Drugged and Disorderlynew

The Hold Steady keeps it cinematic.
Houston Press  |  Scott Faingold  |  02-14-2006  |  Profiles & Interviews

Soul Ridenew

The Hold Steady's music is about trying to find the middle between two extremes. And mixing the extremes ain't easy.
Tucson Weekly  |  Annie Holub  |  10-20-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews

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