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Sen. David Vitter's Right Flanknew

The embattled senator effectively announced his candidacy for re-election last week when he filed nearly three dozen bills on the opening day of the 111th Congress, most of which reflect his desire (read: urgent political need) to endear himself to Christian conservatives.
Gambit  |  Clancy DuBos  |  01-14-2009  |  Commentary

Demonizing Obamanew

Why Christian conservatives are worried sick about the Democratic frontrunner -- and what they're doing about it.
Illinois Times  |  Jeannette Cooperman  |  04-03-2008  |  Politics

Praying for Giuliani to Win the Republican Nominationnew

Christian conservatives are threatening to abandon support of the GOP if Rudy is nominated -- wouldn't that be nice?
San Diego CityBeat  |  Edwin Decker  |  10-31-2007  |  Commentary

Cell Dividenew

In the wake of the Bush administration's refusal to fund stem-cell research, a California ballot measure proposes the biggest state-funded effort yet. Christian conservatives aren't the only ones who oppose the proposition.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Tali Woodward  |  09-29-2004  |  Policy Issues

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