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Tides and Waves Could Be a Key Source of Power for British Columbianew

As the climate-change crisis continues to grow, the search for alternative sources of energy is intensifying. If proponents of ocean energy have their way, B.C.'s coastal waters will become a key power source for the province.
The Georgia Straight  |  Dawn Paley  |  09-22-2009  |  Environment

Sex Workers Organize and Push for Decriminalization, but Meet Stiff Oppositionnew

In an effort to make sex work safer, not to mention stabilize and legitimize the industry, Susan Davis has helped found the West Coast Cooperative of Sex Industry Professionals.
SEE Magazine  |  Angela Brunschot  |  08-13-2009  |  Sex

AIDS Professionals Urge Expansion of HIV Care to Vulnerable Communitiesnew

The goal of a new HIV prevention program in British Columbia is to drastically increase access to effective treatments among vulnerable communities.
The Georgia Straight  |  Jessica Werb  |  05-18-2009  |  Science

Pipeline Would Bring Tankers Into B.C. Inletsnew

Although governments prefer to dance around the prickly question of an oil-tanker ban on the British Columbia coast, conservation groups, many First Nations, and other critics say the reasons for a moratorium still stand: simply that tanker traffic and oil spills pose a serious threat.
The Georgia Straight  |  Andrew Findlay  |  02-09-2009  |  Animal Issues

British Columbia Municipal Cops Call for Federal Police Accountabilitynew

Municipal police officers in British Columbia want Royal Canadian Mounted Police forces doing contract police work in the province to be accountable to the same civilian-oversight process for public complaints as the municipal police are.
The Georgia Straight  |  Carlito Pablo  |  01-26-2009  |  Policy Issues

Avian Influenza Confirmed in B.C. Commercial Poultry Farmnew

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed the presence of H5 avian influenza virus in a commercial poultry operation in Southern British Columbia.
The Georgia Straight  |  Charlie Smith  |  01-26-2009  |  Science

Users Get Tests for Bad Cocaine in British Columbianew

The province's health officer has confirmed that testing is now available for people with a fever who believe they may have used contaminated cocaine.
The Georgia Straight  |  Matthew Burrows  |  01-05-2009  |  Drugs

Logging Companies Look to Flip Forests in British Columbianew

Despite the province's climate-change policy and a social contract with the public to maintain properties as forests, more and more logging corporations are hoping to convert private forestlands into real estate.
The Georgia Straight  |  Carlito Pablo  |  07-28-2008  |  Environment

Doctor Draws on Past to Treat Addictionsnew

As a med student and during his first decade as a family and emergency-room doctor, Ray Baker was hooked on tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol. His first-hand knowledge helps him treat people with substance-use disorders.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gail Johnson  |  01-27-2005  |  Science

Can Private Health Care Fix Canada's Public Health System?new

A surgeon says Canada has the worst of the world's public health care systems and offers the controversial view that the Canadian system should incorporate both private and public services.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gail Johnson  |  11-30-2004  |  Science

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