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The Search for the Perfect Punk Pornnew

It’s a subculture that’s jamming an industry that, by some estimates, swallows a full quarter of all web searches every day. So how "alt" is alt-porn?
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Mark Teo  |  12-27-2011  |  Movies

Addictive Flicksnew

It is an objective and well-established truth that watching The Big Lebowski four times is much better than watching it once. Some films worm their way into your head, demanding to be rewatched at 3 a.m. even though you’ve memorized every line. They are the addictive films.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  John Tebbutt  |  12-27-2010  |  Reviews

Colin Firth's Presence Elevates Tom Ford’s Directorial Debutnew

A deeply felt and slickly polished adaptation of a novel by Christopher Isherwood, the directorial debut by designer-turned-filmmaker Tom Ford primarily succeeds as a showcase for its star. Indeed, it’s exciting to see what Colin Firth can do when he’s pushed out of his comfort zone.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Jason Anderson  |  01-14-2010  |  Reviews

Almodóvar Gets Duplicitous With 'Broken Embraces'new

Broken Embraces is a strange little suspense film. It contains only a few strategic betrayals and outright deceptions, but a great many unspoken secrets and many lies of omission. Maybe it's too mature for the good old double-cross, but it is certainly not too subtle to include a few revelations and theatrical set pieces.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Sean Stewart  |  01-14-2010  |  Reviews

'Daybreakers' Blends Action with Toothy Social Commentarynew

It turns out that Daybreakers not only excels as a visceral thrill ride, but it addresses issues of human greed and short-sightedness with rare skill and originality. This is definitely a film worth seeing.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  John Tebbutt  |  01-07-2010  |  Reviews

Agatha Christie Meets the Chicken Ladynew

Though The Kids in the Hall has continued to tour since its TV series ended in 1994, its new mini-series, Death Comes to Town, is the first time the Canadian comedy troupe has appeared in front of the camera since filming the cult favourite Brain Candy in 1996.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Bryn Evans  |  01-07-2010  |  TV

Smelled Any Good Movies Lately? A History of Fragant Cinemanew

A German company called Cinescent has recently begun bombarding European movie screens with scented advertisements. But this isn't the first time people have tried adding smells to the theater-going experience
Fast Forward Weekly  |  John Tebbutt  |  10-01-2009  |  Movies

'The Invention of Lying' is High-Concept Done Rightnew

As a high-concept comedy, Invention gets to cover a lot of ground, from commercialism to religion and societal conventions. Fortunately, Gervais actually has insight into most of those issues, which means the film never gets overly sanctimonious.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Peter Hemminger  |  10-01-2009  |  Reviews

'Zombieland' is Comic Goldnew

Flesh-eating monsters are still so popular that it's hardly surprising to see a comic action send-up of the genre like Zombieland. The fact that it's really damned good, on the other hand, is as welcome a surprise as a hidden cache of weapons in a post-zombie wasteland.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Jeff Kubik  |  10-01-2009  |  Reviews

Video Vulture: The Scariest Prisoner (and the Scariest Scary Prisoner Movies)new

A good way to introduce a villain is to show the elaborate safety precautions needed to keep him safely behind bars. A regular old jail cell just isn't secure enough for these maniacs.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  John Tebbutt  |  09-17-2009  |  Movies

Mike Tyson Documentary Is a Knockoutnew

A captivating new documentary from director James Toback looks past the Mike Tyson cliches to provide a candid and uncensored first-hand account of the boxer's life story, and speaks far louder than any of Tyson's actions ever could.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Jesse Locke  |  06-04-2009  |  Reviews

'The Hangover' Is a Crude, Dumb Comedy--and a Hilariously Good Timenew

Like the millions of tourists who soak up the American excess of Las Vegas, The Hangover is basically just interested in having a good time. It's dumb, it's crude and if there's a flaw in its execution, it's only that it adds more to the journey than a trip this simple needs.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Jeff Kubik  |  06-04-2009  |  Reviews

Set Phasers to Awesomenew

The Star Trek reboot will delight fans and newcomers alike.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Kyle Francis  |  05-07-2009  |  Reviews

James Gray Dares to Bare It Allnew

James Gray's Two Lovers flies far outside the typical Hollywood comfort zone by baring its characters' true-to-life flaws, insecurities and erratic behaviors.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Jesse Locke  |  05-07-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews Has Finally Been Housebrokennew

Movie recommendation site has drastically improved in the last few weeks. A team of dedicated and intelligent people are clearly working hard on getting the site to where it needs to be, and the difference is quite dramatic. New features have been introduced, old features work better and the site has become fun to use.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  John Tebbutt  |  04-02-2009  |  Movies

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