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'Tyson' is a Knockoutnew

Tyson won't find a broad audience, but it deserves one.
Eugene Weekly  |  Jason Blair  |  07-16-2009  |  Reviews

Tyson Tells His Story, Warts and Allnew

Tyson is obviously a must for fans of the sweet science, but the film's larger narrative about a man in search of redemption and understanding transcends any specifics about boxing.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Al Hoff  |  06-08-2009  |  Reviews

Mike Tyson Documentary Is a Knockoutnew

A captivating new documentary from director James Toback looks past the Mike Tyson cliches to provide a candid and uncensored first-hand account of the boxer's life story, and speaks far louder than any of Tyson's actions ever could.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Jesse Locke  |  06-04-2009  |  Reviews

Vanilla Mike? Rebranding Tyson for the Age of Obamanew

Can Mike "clean up" enough to attach his name to video-game sales, as his new advisers Harlan Werner and Damon Bingham want him to? As Bob Dylan has done with Victoria's Secret? And George Foreman with hamburger grills?
Las Vegas Weekly  |  John Lombardi  |  05-14-2009  |  Movies

Boxing, Sex and Madness: 'Tyson'new

In a new Tyson documentary, the boxer tells it in his own words.
L.A. Weekly  |  Scott Foundas  |  05-01-2009  |  Reviews

Cannes Comebacks: Our Midfestival Reportnew

Call Mike Tyson, Jerzy Skolimowski and Terence Davies the comeback kids.
L.A. Weekly  |  Scott Foundas  |  05-27-2008  |  Movies

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