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Cheese Balls, Aliens, Angry Birds—and Logical Sequencingnew

In Barron Park's 'Scratch Club,' kids learn early programming concepts.
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Chris Kenrick  |  10-16-2012  |  Education

In Search of High-Quality Preschool for Allnew

Armed with her experience and a belief in the transformative power of high-quality preschool, educator Carol Thomsen seeks a venue to launch a mixed-income preschool like no other.
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Chris Kenrick  |  09-18-2012  |  Education

At Development Center, Palo Alto Quietly Untangles Its Bureaucracynew

Palo Alto's bustling permit center has for decades enjoyed a level of popularity somewhere between a dentist's chair and a Department of Motor Vehicles branch.
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Gennady Sheyner  |  08-27-2012  |  Policy Issues

Steve Jobs Dies at 56new

Apple co-founder battled pancreatic cancer.
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Chris Kenrick  |  10-06-2011  |  Tech

Jumpstarting the Emerging Global Classroomnew

Can a hedge-fund guy find fame, fortune and fulfillment as a social entrepreneur? Meet Sal Khan of Mountain View, an MIT-trained former hedge-fund analyst who is fast becoming — somewhat accidentally, as he tells it — math teacher to the world.
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Chris Kenrick  |  07-15-2011  |  Education

Hitting the restart buttonnew

Downtown Library re-opening re-energizes Palo Alto's branch system
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Jocelyn Dong  |  07-08-2011  |  Education

Getting the Word Outnew

Authors take the initiative and choose to publish themselves
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Carol Blitzer and Karla Kane  |  08-09-2010  |  Books

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