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The Bitterest Pillnew

Did a shift in medication help cause Daniel Cantrell to kill his father?
Nashville Scene  |  Steve Cavendish  |  04-24-2015  |  Features

The Big Dragnew

In a Florida courtroom, Nashville attorneys are fighting in the last great tobacco war.
Nashville Scene  |  Steve Cavendish  |  02-09-2015  |  Features

Two Murders, Two Murderers, and Our Peculiar Justice Systemnew

Death row is full of people who have committed heinous crimes, but some people who have committed heinous crimes are not scheduled for execution.
Nashville Scene  |  Steven Hale  |  01-20-2015  |  Crime & Justice

Here Without Fearnew

Six years after giving birth in shackles, in a case with historic implications, Juana Villegas has legal standing to live and work in the U.S. Other new mothers may not be so lucky.
Nashville Scene  |  Heather Lyn Wood  |  10-30-2014  |  Immigration

The Choice Is Yoursnew

Behind the Tennessee Amendment 1 vote on abortion rights lies a tangle of case law, confusion and conflict.
Nashville Scene  |  Abby White and Andrea Zelinski  |  09-24-2014  |  The War on Women


The record industry is dying. The concert industry is booming. The club scene is … nervous.
Nashville Scene  |  Adam Gold and D. Patrick Rodgers  |  09-22-2014  |  Music

Future Shock at the Tennesseannew

The Tennessean's "newsroom of the future" means cuts, turmoil and rock-bottom morale.
Nashville Scene  |  Steve Cavendish  |  08-15-2014  |  Media

Keeping Up With the Dronesnew

Navigating FAA regulations and Tennessee law can be tricky, but drones are here to stay.
Nashville Scene  |  Steve Haruch  |  08-11-2014  |  Tech

No Refugenew

As humanitarian crisis looms at the U.S. border, Nashville's refugee resettlement services face severe cuts.
Nashville Scene  |  Heather Lyn Wood  |  07-25-2014  |  Immigration

Let the Chips Fallnew

Cowboy Jack Clement's final recording recasts the work of a great Nashville songwriter.
Nashville Scene  |  Edd Hurt  |  07-10-2014  |  Music

Still Lifenew

If not for love and art, Ndume Olatushani would have died on death row.
Nashville Scene  |  Laura Hutson  |  05-24-2013  |  Features

American Dreamersnew

Four stories of immigrant mothers who braved hard work, perilous journeys, even separation to raise their children as U.S. citizens.
Nashville Scene  |  Kim Green  |  05-09-2013  |  Immigration

Girls Gone Wildnew

Rachel Korine packs heat in Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine's most subversive act yet — going mainstream.
Nashville Scene  |  Jack Silverman  |  03-20-2013  |  Movies

How Nashville Became the Bombnew

How did Nashville get to be the 'It' city?
Nashville Scene  |  Jim Ridley, Steve Haruch, Christine Kreyling, J.R. Lind, Elizabeth Jones, Ashley Spurgeon, Jack Silverman, D. Patrick Rodgers, Laura Hutson, Dana Kopp Franklin and Hannah Hyde  |  02-08-2013  |  Culture

Animal Collectivenew

A hot 1980s band has its final residency in a West Nashville bowling alley — if their arms don't fall off. Meet Rock-afire Explosion.
Nashville Scene  |  Abby White  |  01-31-2013  |  Music

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