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Access Deniednew

Systematic statewide abuse of Oregon public records laws thwarts the people's right to know.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  05-31-2016  |  Civil Liberties

Medicine Mannew

Award-winning Eugene grower Adam Jacques leads the way for medical cannabis.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  01-15-2016  |  Health

Painting the Politicalnew

Former Buffalo Nine activist and renowned oil painter Jerry Ross returns to his political roots with portraits of 2016 presidential candidates.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  01-03-2016  |  Culture

Apathy Made Visiblenew

In Eugene, Oregon — home of the University of Oregon and the Ducks and counterculture — a cavalier city government is chipping away at public space, one city square at a time.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  11-24-2015  |  Civil Liberties

Pop Culturednew

Costumes and camaraderie at Eugene Comic Con.
Eugene Weekly  |  Amy Schneider  |  11-12-2015  |  Culture

The Outsider Art of Henk Pandernew

Renowned Dutch painter Henk Pander still sees himself as an outsider in the Portland art scene after all these years.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  11-09-2015  |  Art

Invest in Kidsnew

Preschool kids need widespread community support.
Eugene Weekly  |  Amy Schneider  |  10-16-2015  |  Education

Out of the Darknessnew

Did people in the Dark Ages suspect they were living in the Dark Ages? It’s tempting, considering recent circumstances — the endless mass shootings, the warehousing of the mentally ill in jails and prisons, the preponderance of the sick, homeless and addicted in Eugene — to tumble into despair over the state of mental health in this society.
Eugene Weekly  |  Rick Levin  |  09-29-2015  |  Health

Rolling it outnew

Oregon recreational users can buy pot at medical dispensaries starting Oct. 1, and other cannabis updates
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  09-29-2015  |  Drugs

Nostalgia and Everything Afternew

Talking to Adam Duritz on the phone is like watching nostalgia incarnate walk through the door. The idiosyncratic voice of the Counting Crows frontman is still as raspy and boyish as ever, a key to his charm. That voice helped define a post-Nirvana ’90s.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  09-24-2015  |  Profiles & Interviews

Into the Institutionnew

As citizens struggle with mental illness, health care providers struggle with how to help them. Does Oregon's new state hospital mean that yet again we turn to institutions rather than community care?
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen and Rick Levin  |  09-24-2015  |  Health

Swing Kidnew

Nick davis shares a Lindy hop legacy in track town U.S.A.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  09-11-2015  |  Culture

Single Without the Minglenew

“Self-dating” is a term for those flying solo with a self-oriented goal. It is a commitment to oneself — passions, career and dreams — and it builds an intimate relationship with yourself instead of hooking up with another person (or people) in the stereotypical romantic way. It means getting to know yourself, for yourself.
Eugene Weekly  |  Kelsey Anne Rankin  |  09-03-2015  |  Features

Housing First?new

Has Salt Lake City solved "the homeless problem"? No, despite a flurry of excited stories, it has not. But the Housing First model and the collaboration and commitment from local groups and the government on all levels in combination with Housing First are a huge step in the right direction that other cities can follow.
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen  |  08-20-2015  |  Homelessness

Portland's Pussycat Paradisenew

If the first cat cafe in the northwest is any indication, cats are indeed winning.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alex V. Cipolle  |  08-18-2015  |  Culture

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