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Inside Jokesnew

Amy Schumer talks The Little Mermaid, locker room balls and fry sauce.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Enrique Limon  |  04-19-2016  |  Comedy

Trump v. Sanders Supporters: Who Wore It Best?new

Is America going to be fashionable again? Or are we doomed to four years of patchouli?
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Enrique Limon  |  03-21-2016  |  Fashion

No Vagrancy?new

In Salt Lake City's budget no-tell motels, hustling to survive is the name of the game.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Stephen Dark  |  02-22-2016  |  Features

Write and Wrongnew

David Foster Wallace, The End of the Tour and the perils of biographical drama.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Scott Renshaw  |  08-24-2015  |  Reviews

David Carr: Matchlessnew

From alternative newspaper prince to New York Times king, David Carr's legacy is long and hard.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  John Saltas  |  02-17-2015  |  Media

Reading Between the Linesnew

As conspiracies abound and digital revenues drag, Utah's big dailies continue inflating their circulation.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Katharine Biele  |  09-10-2014  |  Media

Wild Utahnew

The fight over lands in Southern Utah is shaping up to be the next Sagebrush Rebellion.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Eric W. Trenbeath  |  07-03-2014  |  Features

Disappearing Inknew

Former journalists say the decline of The Salt Lake Tribune stems from a conspiracy between the paper's corporate owner and the LDS Church.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Colby Frazier  |  05-15-2014  |  Media

The Secret Lives of a Notorious Sperm-Swappernew

For five years in the early ’90s, I lived two houses down from Tom Lippert, the now-deceased fertility-clinic worker known these days for switching out his sperm and fathering one (or many) children.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Carolyn Campbell  |  02-26-2014  |  Features

Just Married: Same-Sex Couples in Utah Share Their Storiesnew

Though the battle over same-sex marriage in Utah continues, the motivation for couples hasn't changed.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Eric S. Peterson  |  01-09-2014  |  LGBT

SLC Punk Is Not Deadnew

A look back at the film that made Salt Lake City an icon 15 years ago.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Colin Wolf  |  09-18-2013  |  Movies

Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell Under Investigationnew

Utah Lt. Gov. Greg Bell may have broken the law by commissioning an "informal" audit that was aimed at derailing a child abuse investigation on behalf of a friend's daughter.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Stephen Dark  |  02-22-2013  |  Politics

V-Day, No Waynew

Eight Valentine's Day cards you don't want to receive.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Bill Frost  |  02-13-2013  |  Culture

I Watched Him Dienew

From my second-story desk window at the Salt Lake City Weekly office, I watched a standoff unfold between police and Anthony Mayhew, who’d threatened to blow himself up in front of our offices.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Eric S. Peterson  |  10-05-2012  |  Crime & Justice

Mitt, the Mormons & Menew

A reporter reflects on breaking a story that eventually would change history.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Chris Vanocur  |  08-22-2012  |  Features

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