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Reading Between the Linesnew

As conspiracies abound and digital revenues drag, Utah's big dailies continue inflating their circulation.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Katharine Biele  |  09-10-2014  |  Media

Newsday Is Accused of Circulation Fraudnew

In a class-action lawsuit, four advertisers sued Newsday, claiming the daily paper had inflated its circulation figures.
Long Island Press  |  News Team  |  08-07-2004  |  Media

Newsday Reports Half the Truth on Circulation Scandalnew

Advertisers accuse Newsday of inflating circulation figures in a federal racketeering lawsuit. The snowballing scandal led publisher Raymond Jansen to announce this week that he'll retire earlier than planned.
Long Island Press  |  Christopher Twarowski  |  07-22-2004  |  Media

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