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Home to Roostnew

In a landmark decision, drillers are ordered to pay for damages to homeowners.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  05-06-2014  |  Environment

Ranch Tradition: Hanging Onnew

Texas cattle raisers aren’t giving up — but neither is the drought.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Jeff Prince  |  03-13-2013  |  Environment

Locking Up Water Rightsnew

In Texas and around the world, corporations are increasingly competing for rights to our most precious liquid asset.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Jeff Prince and Eric Griffey  |  02-08-2013  |  Environment

Short on Electricitynew

Texas gets a clear warning of power problems by summer.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Gayle Reaves  |  01-23-2013  |  Energy

Buying Americannew

The U.S. marijuana business is so sophisticated that there’s even a college for pot growers.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Jeff Prince  |  01-23-2013  |  Drugs

Flying Rats Live Another Daynew

My thoughts on the head flying rat are well known: He’s a thug who obstructed the investigation of a double homicide in 2000 and yet somehow is regarded with the same reverence normally reserved for non-murderous professional athletes who’ve enjoyed long careers.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Anthony Mariani  |  01-16-2013  |  Sports

A Ban on Hypocrisynew

Liberals and conservatives should re-examine the basics of our public debates.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  E.R. Bills  |  01-16-2013  |  Commentary

Turning Off the Spigotnew

Texas has changed its tune on turning kids into criminals, but Fort Worth may be lagging behind.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Eric Griffey  |  01-16-2013  |  Crime & Justice

If the Newtown Massacre Doesn’t Change Us, No Shooting Ever Willnew

Whatever your politics, it should shame us all that it took 20 dead children to make us finally even consider the question: Should we reconsider stricter gun laws?
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Andrew McLemore  |  12-18-2012  |  Policy Issues

Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sandnew

Protests in Texas delay the Keystone pipeline while opposition to it grows.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Peter Gorman  |  10-17-2012  |  Environment

Sucking It Upnew

Gas drillers are competing with ranchers, farmers, and cities for increasingly scarce water supplies.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Gayle Reaves  |  09-07-2012  |  Energy

Poor David Wants Oswald Stone Returnednew

David Card, the irascible owner of Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, is bound and determined to get a family possession returned, and he’s turning to social media for help.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Jeff Prince  |  08-24-2012  |  Crime & Justice

City Life Is a Good Life, Once Againnew

Americans are reversing the flow to the suburbs, and Fort Worth’s a part of it.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  ANDREW MCLEMORE  |  08-23-2012  |  Housing & Development

Stink on Pinknew

The Komen debacle washes up good and bad on local shores, and shows cracks in the Dallas charity.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Betty Brink and Gayle Reaves  |  02-09-2012  |  The War on Women

Texas Agency Decisions on Public Notices Draw Criticismnew

Public notices in local newspapers are a key element in keeping citizens informed about government goings-on. Giving people a heads-up on public hearings on everything from annexations to zoning, contract bids to new ordinances, the notices are all about transparency of government. One might think that government agencies would have some strict rules to abide by when posting public notices. But in Texas, the rules are all over the map.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Dan McGraw  |  12-05-2011  |  Policy Issues

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