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Walking in Worcesternew

The laws say pedestrians have the right of way. Reality tells us it is not always so black and white when it comes to cars versus humans on the streets. Some will tell you pedestrians bear as much responsibility as motorists when it comes to preventing the potentially tragic collision of metal and flesh. Drivers will, too, like the woman at a recent area crime watch meeting in Worcester who accused some pedestrians of purposely crossing the streets at a snail's pace.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  12-19-2014  |  Transportation

Play That Backnew

The history, rise and current trends of the EDM scene and a close look at musicians and followers of the music in Worcester, Massachusetts. The story also explores whether or not accusations of the scene and drug use go hand in hand.
Worcester Magazine  |  Joshua Lyford  |  12-12-2014  |  Music

Hungry for a decent movienew

“The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part I” perpetuates the questionable tactic of carving a popular fantasy novel into multiple movies when only one is needed. “Harry Potter’s” final installment was given two films to wrap things up, and “The Hobbit” is being retold in a ridiculously prolonged trilogy that mercifully concludes next month.
Worcester Magazine  |  Jim Keogh  |  11-26-2014  |  Reviews

The Silent Epidemic of Campus Rapenew

Thousands of students returned to colleges and universities this fall, and for the women among them they did so facing this very real and disturbing reality: their chances of being raped or sexually assaulted just rose exponentially.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  11-13-2014  |  Features

Three ways to enjoy bobasnew

Throughout the past 10 years, American cities have witnessed the growth of the curious elixir, boba tea, also commonly called bubble tea or pearl milk tea, and Worcester is no stranger to this popular beverage. The drink typically combines a chilled, blended or iced Asian tea with chewy, pea-sized bubbles of a variety of flavors, from fruit flavors like mango, orange, or coconut, but most commonly tapioca.
Worcester Magazine  |  Mike Murray  |  10-23-2014  |  Food+Drink

GWAR Eternal: Fresh Wounds and Immortalitynew

Gwar has identified the human citizens of Earth as an inferior species, and they will taunt us, thoroughly and intelligently, before ceremoniously devouring all of us alive.
Worcester Magazine  |  Cade Overton  |  10-09-2014  |  Profiles & Interviews

Black Eyes to Best Friendsnew

Roller derby is fast paced, action-packed and occasionally brutal, but the camaraderie among the different teams and leagues spread across the world is immediately evident.
Worcester Magazine  |  Josh Lyford  |  09-25-2014  |  Sports

Latino communities on display at Fitchburg Art Museumnew

For many Latin American artists, their work is not necessarily an extension of Latin culture. Surprisingly it has more to do with their immediate surroundings and life experiences, which have the greatest influence on them. They are inspired by a myriad of ideas that transcend a vision as opposed to a particular culture. This fall, the Fitchburg Art Museum (FAM) will feature exhibits that focus on the works of Latino artists, recognizing their contributions to the arts.
Worcester Magazine  |  Al Vuona  |  09-18-2014  |  Art

Proposed changes to tobacco ordinance could ‘hurt’ Worcester businessesnew

The city is crafting a sweeping set of changes to its tobacco ordinance that could make it much harder to smoke in Worcester - and could deliver a crippling blow to the businesses selling tobacco for a living. Among the proposed changes that will be part of a report expected to be delivered to city councilors at their next meeting, Tuesday, Sept. 16, is a ban on smoking in all city-owned parks, beaches and playgrounds. Additionally, the revised ordinance would ban smoking in any covered public transportation waiting area, such as a covered bus stop; prohibit the use of e-cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited; ban the sale of flavored tobacco products; and ban non-residential roll-your-own-cigarette machines.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter  |  09-11-2014  |  Health

Time of Transitionnew

Many questions that have been raised – such as housing – regarding lesbian, gay and bisexual students have been answered, while the same questions affecting transgender students still linger.
Worcester Magazine  |  Brittany Durgin  |  09-10-2014  |  LGBT

Worcester Police Chief Gary Gemme nixes meeting with press after ‘provocative article’new

In a jaw-droppingly shocking response that may confirm the Worcester Police Department picks and chooses which media outlets to whom it releases legally-requred public information, police personnel taking part in an online Facebook forum Wednesday, Sept. 3 admitted they only deliver public information in a timely manner to specific media outlets. Police personnel actually placed different media outlets in different categories as far as level of importance to respond. It would appear to be a violation of public records laws, which place no such restrictions on how and when information must be distributed.
Worcester Magazine  |  Walter Bird Jr.  |  09-04-2014  |  Media

Worcester Pride welcomes Stonewall Rebellion Vet Erica Kay-Websternew

Worcester Pride hosts its annual Pride Parade on Saturday, Sept. 6, and with Stonewall Rebellion veteran and human rights activist Erica Kay-Webster recently announced as Grand Marshal of the event, attendees will get to march alongside and hear from one of the most prolific LGBTQ advocates of our time. Kay-Webster, a Massachusetts resident, has been a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights, human rights and civil liberties for years. Having experienced discrimination in her own life as a transgender woman raised in California and later rejected by her own family, she learned firsthand the prejudice and inequality that exists.
Worcester Magazine  |  Josh Lyford  |  09-04-2014  |  LGBT

Hawthorne Heights: A 10-Year Retrospectivenew

Hawthorne Heights, emo.
Worcester Magazine  |  Cade Overton  |  09-04-2014  |  Reviews

A True Community Museumnew

Over the past six months, the Fitchburg Art Museum (FAM) has, under the behest of recently appointed director Nick Capasso, begun working toward completely introducing the Spanish language into the museum and its contents, with the intent to become New England’s first fully bilingual art museum. This Bilingual Museum Initiative includes the implementation of Spanish signage, exhibition information, and even the employment of a bilingual receptionist.
Worcester Magazine  |  Chelsey Pan  |  09-02-2014  |  Art

Nature and Industrynew

As the city of Worcester continues to grow more industrially robust, what is the cost? And are the city’s still-standing natural surroundings paying the price?
Worcester Magazine  |  Taylor Nunez  |  08-22-2014  |  Environment

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