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Race to the Bottomnew

2015 proved (again) that this country still is not ready for its first black president.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Tom Gogola  |  12-31-2015  |  Politics

The Growth of Black Lives Matternew

After a wave of protests shook the streets of Oakland and Berkeley, activists have been hard at work enacting policy changes, building community networks, and practicing self-determination.
East Bay Express  |  Erin Baldassari  |  12-23-2015  |  Race & Class

Movie Madness: A Bracket-Busting Look at a Year at the Moviesnew

The Elite Eight: Brooklyn, Inside Out, The Martian, Room, Son of Saul, Spotlight, Star Wars VII, Train Wreck.
Boise Weekly  |  George Prentice  |  12-23-2015  |  Movies

Why I Am Probably Going to Send the Drunk Driver Who Killed My Parents a Christmas Cardnew

The 10th anniversary of my parents' death brings up many emotions. Hate isn't one of them.
The Stranger  |  Emily Pothast  |  12-23-2015  |  Features

Somebody's Watching Younew

We live in a surveillance state. Oregonians may not realize the ways in which law enforcement can already spy on them, in at least one case to a degree unmatched in any other state.
Willamette Week  |  Nigel Jaquiss  |  12-17-2015  |  Civil Liberties

How El Chapo Digs His Tunnelsnew

The cartel underground.
San Diego Reader  |  Monte Reel  |  12-17-2015  |  Features

Release the tapes from the Alexia Christian shootingnew

Nearly eight months have passed since controversial officer-involved killing.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Editorial Board  |  12-17-2015  |  Crime & Justice

Slim Jesus, Spike Lee and the art of cultural inauthenticitynew

Emcees in Chicago's underground drill-rap community are divided over which of two outsiders to dislike more.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  12-16-2015  |  Music

The Unforgettable Party That No One Can Remembernew

From tie-died, rainbow hallucinations to San Jose City Hall's gray concrete plaza, the hazy history of the night that cemented the counterculture and changed America.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Geoffrey Dunn  |  12-15-2015  |  Culture

Why Goodie Mob's Soul Food Is the Greatest Atlanta Rap Album of All Timenew

The money. The power. The trap. The New South. The War on Drugs. The Red Dogs. The Dixie flags. The Million Man March. The Atlanta Child Murders. The black mecca. The 20th anniversary of ‘Soul Food.’ The South Had Something to Say.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Rodney Carmichael  |  12-11-2015  |  Music

Young and Homeless in New Orleansnew

As foster kids ‘age out’ of the system, many of them end up on the streets.
Gambit  |  Della Hasselle and Alex Woodward  |  12-11-2015  |  Homelessness

PDX to Trump: Drop Deadnew

How David Douglas School District proves Donald Trump wrong.
Willamette Week  |  Beth Slovic  |  12-11-2015  |  Elections

Not One Morenew

ICE accused of abusing asylum-seekers in Colorado and elsewhere ... is it because they came from Muslim-majority countries?
Boulder Weekly  |  Angela K. Evans  |  12-11-2015  |  Immigration

Waste Notnew

Silicon Valley has joined a nationwide push to feed the hungry with uneaten food that would otherwise end up in landfills.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Jennifer Wadsworth  |  12-11-2015  |  Food+Drink

The Invisiblesnew

57,000 minors crossed the Southern border last year. Should we send them back?
INDY Week  |  Billy Ball  |  12-04-2015  |  Immigration

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